Teen pop singer Miley Cyrus got her start on cable television’s Disney Channel, a girl and her pop-star alter ego, Hannah Montana. The young performer, daughter of country musician Billy Ray Cyrus, quickly gained a dedicated target audience through her television series that translated to album sales when she released her 2006 soundtrack debut “Hannah Montana” and its 2007 follow-up “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.”

Cyrus’s concerts are often a blend of reality and fiction, as she trades off between herself and her alter-ego during live performances. On tour, the demand among Cyrus’s young fan base has broken attendance records for one-off events and sold out arenas during her headlining shows.

Because of high demand for her performances, Miley Cyrus tickets often fetch a high price on the secondary ticket market. This has caused outrage among parents and legislators alike, who have pushed through “Hannah Montana” laws in several states, seeking to block brokers from using software “bots” to scoop up large blocks of concert tickets.

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