Live Nation, Ticketmaster Again Sued for Anti-Competitive Activities
Ticketmaster and Live Nation have been targeted by yet another lawsuit accusing the entertainment giant of monopolizing the concert and ticketing industries with anti-competitive actions. The nationwide class action is led by a group of plaintiffs from California, Ohio, and Florida, with attorneys from noted law firms Quinn Emanuel... Read more
Economist Calls on Biden Administration to Break Live Nation Monopoly
Mark J. Perry, an economist and professor emeritus at the University of Michigan, published an Op-Ed in The Hill this week, calling on President Joe Biden to focus on Live Nation Entertainment as part of its efforts to battle monopolistic companies. The author, who is a senior fellow at... Read more
Will Congress Pick Up Where DOJ Left Off And Stop Ticketmaster Monopoly?
By: Mark Perry | Scholar, The American Enterprise Institute When Live Nation and Ticketmaster merged in 2010, many feared that the new giant would use its dominant position in the concert touring business to pressure venues into contracting with Ticketmaster, which now controls 80 percent of ticket sales at the nation’s... Read more
New Republic Writer Calls for Breakup of Live Nation Following GAO Report
In the wake of Monday’s report by the United States Government Accountability Office on the ticketing ecosystem, David Dayen published a scathing piece in The New Republic on the findings of the report Tuesday. Titled The Ticket Monopoly is Worse Than Ever (Thanks, Obama), Dayen’s piece argues that the... Read more
Congressman Calls for “Crackdown on Monopolies” Including Live Nation
In a letter to the Editor published by the New York Times on Friday, Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) issued a strong response to Sunday’s A1 report by the newspaper that the Department of Justice could be looking into alleged abuses of the company’s scale and power in the... Read more