The New England Patriots, also formally known as the Boston Patriots, are one of the 32 teams that currently comprise the National Football League. As one of the charter members of the American Football League, the Patriots joined the NFL when the two rival leagues merged in 1970. Over most of the first 30 years of the team’s history in the NFL, they would find modest success going to the Super Bowl twice, once in 1985 and then again in 1996, but would ultimately be known for there losing seasons. But since the hiring of Bill Belichick in 2000, the Patriots have turned into the most successful franchise in the past decade.

The team has won three Super Bowls since 2001, each of which was anchored by Hall-of-Fame quarterback Tom Brady. The success of the team has helped make the Patriots one of the most profitable franchises in the NFL. They opened a new stadium in 2002 and have a huge waiting list for season tickets. The success has also led to some controversy among fans, as the team has consistently had among the most expensive tickets in the game. Despite fan unhappiness, the demand for tickets has not wavered and the Patriots are often among TicketNews’s Top Sports Events.

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