Often viewed as the other baseball team from New York, the Mets have carved out the own history in the big apple. Established in 1962, the Mets play in the National League Eastern Division, a division that they have won five times through 2008. While the Mets are often known for their losing ways, their fans remember the great times too. The 1969 “Miracle Mets” and the 1986 “through Buckner’s legs” World Series championship squads both captured the nation as they won when everyone thought they were out of it.

From 1964-2008, the Mets played at what many thought was the worst stadium in sports, Shea Stadium. But in 2009, the team opened the brand-new Citi Field built right next to the old ball park, but with everything state-of-the-art. In its final seasons Shea Stadium was falling apart, but with this new stadium, more fans will be looking to come out and see the team in action. The secondary ticket market should see a boost in Mets ticket sales, as the new stadium combined with less seats should increase demand.

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