DTI Management Acquires 1Ticket
  January 5, 2017 by Jordan Bieber  Today, DTI Management, the leading distributor of live event tickets to the online resale marketplaces, has announced the acquisition of 1Ticket, a software and service provider focused on managing the delivery of PDF/digital tickets and associated metadata between its ticket broker clients,... Read more
Part 2 – The Fleece (Conning Congress)
Question: What happens when you lie to Congress? Answer: Apparently you get your legislation approved. We recently wrote about the means by which business sometimes happens in Congress, and dissected the practice where star power and money intersect, leading to immense influence over the legislative process. Many of us... Read more
The Interlude – “Are robot scalpers ripping you off? Do we need government to stop it?”
The following TechDirt Op-Ed co-authored by Anne Hobson (R Street Institute), and Christopher Koopman (Project for the Study of American Capitalism) questions whether Congress is genuinely interested in benefiting fans.  “Responding to fan complaints about the paucity of tickets, de facto monopolist Live Nation Entertainment points to the scourge of “bots”... Read more
BREAKING NEWS — NY A.G. Schneiderman Announces $12 Million Settlement With Draftkings And Fanduel
Each Company Agrees To Pay $6 Million For Repeated False Advertising Violations In New York; Year-Long Investigation Found That Both Companies Had Consistently Misled Consumers In Advertisements Companies Agree To Sweeping Marketing Reforms, Including Enhanced Disclosure To Users About Terms and Conditions Of Marketing Promotions, Expected Winnings, And Rates... Read more
Live Nation admits up to 90% of tickets may never reach the general public
“‘Everybody in the industry knows that most of the best tickets for most of the shows are never sold to the public,’ said Don Vaccaro, CEO of TicketNetwork…. (Former Ticketmaster CEO Nathan) Hubbard put it this way: ‘The on-sale process is like a mysteriously devastating airplane farter: tickets leak out... Read more
Cortney Storsved, director of operations for Minnesota’s leading secondary ticket reseller Ticket King offers a defense of the resale market in a column this week in the Twin Cities Daily Planet. Storsved was responding to an earlier piece in the publication that appeared to take a stance in favor... Read more
Nightclubs are becoming more popular than concerts and shows in Las Vegas, according to local ticket broker Ken Solky, who is also president of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Solky recently told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that while certain big draws such as Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and... Read more
Christine Varney, the assistant attorney general who ran the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust division, is stepping down from her post. Varney ran the division during the federal review of the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger, and according to the Wall Street Journal, she is resigning in August to join the prestigious... Read more
Unable to stop losing millions of dollars each season, the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team has been sold to a Canadian ownership group that will move the team to Winnipeg next year. True North Sports and Entertainment paid $170 million for the franchise, according to the Toronto Sun, which included... Read more
StubHub President Chris Tsakalakis is continuing his media push to tell fans of the problems he sees with restrictive paperless tickets. In a lengthy blog post this week on the Huffington Post, Tsakalakis argues that the technology, primarily used by Ticketmaster, takes away choice as it pertains to tickets.... Read more