Roger Goodell Confident for NFL Full Stadiums This Fall
With COVID-19 case rates causing concern, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell remained confident that stadiums would be full across the league this fall in an interview with NFL Network that aired over the weekend. “This year, we’re comfortable that local regulations are going to allow us to have fans at... Read more
NFL Cancels Preseason Games for 2020 Season
Long rumored to be on the verge of announcement, the National Football League formally announced that it was doing away with its preseason contests Monday, wiping out the two remaining games after dropping two of the four earlier this summer. The move will allow teams additional time to prepare... Read more
NFL Season To Start On Time With Modifications, Says Goodell
Following an unprecedented virtual edition of the first-round draft last Thursday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell remains confident that the league will be able to get underway this September despite concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. But in order to do so, certain modifications will need to be made as the... Read more