Report: Spotify Eyes Entry to Live Event, Ticketing Space
With live events coming back online and seemingly little hesitance by audiences to return to stadiums and concert halls, Spotify is reportedly eyeing an expanded role in the music ecosystem. The popular streaming service is reportedly considering a move into live events and ticketing, one that would allow it... Read more
Google Takes On Spotify, Apple Music With New YouTube Streaming Service
As streaming continues to grow  into a dominant position of how people access music, Google has stepped up its competition against Spotify and Apple Music with its new streaming service: YouTube Premium. Google is now breaking up YouTube Red service into two pieces: a YouTube streaming service and a... Read more
Spotify, Streaming Services Are The Culprit of High Ticket Prices
With the digital age in full force, the music industry is taking a big hit; instead of buying a full album, consumers have the ability to instantly stream a single song at any given moment. The music industry used to make billions. First, there were records, then cassettes, and... Read more