Columbus Ticket Taxes Begin This Week Following Strong Opposition
Columbus eventgoers will see a raise in ticket prices this week, as the long-awaited 5 percent ticket taxes has been implemented. The ticket taxes, which were first proposed last November, will affect Columbus’ “arts, culture, entertainment, and professional sports events.” However, the fee does not apply to tickets that... Read more
Coalition Advocates For Ticket Fee To Promote The Arts In Columbus
Artists, patrons, and neighborhood leaders have teamed up to form a coalition in Columbus, hoping to sway residents’ opinions on a ticket tax. The coalition, Protect Art 4 Columbus, was formed to support the proposed admissions fee by the Greater Columbus Arts Council – which is now being considered... Read more
Atlanta Event Goers Could Pay Ticket Fees To Support Public Safety
The Atlanta City Hall is considering a surcharge on tickets to large sporting and cultural events to support the safety personnel required. Council Dustin Hillis, who is also the chairman of the public safety committee, introduced the idea to study the charge this week, WBS-TV Atlanta reported. The surcharge... Read more