New South Wales Announces Plans to Crack Down on the Ticket Industry
The Australian state of New South Wales’ government announced they will set a number of new rules of the ticketing market, including a ten percent cap on resale prices, as part of a revision to the Fair Trading Act, according to Business Insider. This news comes just days after... Read more
Resale Option for Mayweather-McGregor Vanishes from Ticketmaster
Prices went down, prices went up; Mayweather advised fans to buy secondary, Dave Brooks called him “shady; there certainly has not been a dull moment on the business side of the Mayweather-McGregor fight, and with just a day until the big event, today has been no exception. TicketNews has... Read more
Lively Discussion Anchors Ticket Summit Industry Keynote
While opportunities for learning and networking abounded at day one of Ticket Summit, the marquee event was the keynote panel, featuring some industry leaders in a lively discussion on the ticketing industry as a whole. Michael Katz of StubHub, Larry Plawsky of Ticketmaster Resale, Curtis Cheng of DTI Management,... Read more
Ticket Summit Speaker Bio: Larry Plawsky, Ticketmaster Resale
As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ticketmaster Resale (TMR), Larry Plawsky runs the company’s resale business. He plays a leadership role in advancing Ticketmaster’s continued success in resale, defining and delivering products and services that enable content owners, professional resellers, and fans to prosper. An operating, marketing,... Read more