Technical Difficulty for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Sale on Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan has failed fans once again, as those eager to purchase tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway took to Twitter to express their grievances with the picky program and the difficult purchase process. A Broadway adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s eighth story and first screenplay... Read more
Ticketmaster Crashes During High-Volume Harry Potter Verified Fan Registration
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets go on sale later this month through Ticketmaster Verified Fan, meaning those who want (a chance) to buy tickets had to begin the process yesterday. So many HP fans rushed to register for the program, though, that Ticketmaster could not keep up.... Read more
Putting Fans First in the “Verified Fan” Data Mine
by Charles Kaufman, Special to Ticket News Not to let the genie out of the bottle, but the recent move towards verified ticketing has as much to do with collecting data- which will obviously be purposed for the ticket source’s marketing efforts -as it does with protecting the interests... Read more
Springsteen Fans Feel “Verified” Sting
When Bruce Springsteen announced his residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre this winter, playing shows for the smallest audiences in decades, fans of The Boss were elated. When tickets went on sale through Ticketmaster’s tricky “Verified Fan” program and still sold out immediately, fans were furious. Those who failed... Read more
Springsteen on Broadway Extended by Ten Weeks
Ticketmaster announced yesterday that Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming residency at Walter Kerr Theatre, Springsteen on Broadway, would more than double in duration. Just hours after tickets to the 8 week run went on sale, an additional 10 weeks of shows were revealed to fans via Twitter and email. Emotions ran... Read more
Ticketmaster Favors Past Customers for Springsteen on Broadway
Fans of Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen are notorious for selling out shows at even the largest arenas in record time. What can we expect this morning when tickets go on sale for shows in a 940-seat venue? Springsteen announced earlier this month that he’d be treating his fans to... Read more
Taylor Swift Angers Everyone With Pay-for-Play Ticket Scheme
Taylor Swift may be one of the most popular artists out there, but the singer is facing some heat from fans and media alike as she ramps up for an album release and major tour. Swift, famous for her wildfire pop success after beginning her career in the country... Read more
Hamilton Ties New Batch of Tickets to “Verified Fan”
Fans looking for tickets to the still red-hot Broadway smash Hamilton will have their shot in a week – as long as Ticketmaster’s computers deem them worthy. According to a press release from Live Nation on Tuesday morning, an allocation of tickets going on sale Monday, August 21st will... Read more
Keynote Takes Ticket Summit Guests Behind Music Industry Curtain
For ticket brokers, the music industry can be the key to much of their success or failure. Knowing the marketplace, with its constantly rotating cast of favorites and ever-changing preferences and styles, can make or break individuals and companies. That’s why it was a packed house for the Thursday... Read more