Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Sale Leaves Some Fans Fuming
Emotions ran high when tickets to the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour finally went on sale to the general public on Tuesday morning for dates throughout the U.S. Given the high demand stoked by the months-long buildup and “Verified Fan” presale process that allowed users to pay (or tweet)... Read more
Ticketmaster Double-Dips on US Open Profit
While Ticketmaster provides a leading voice in opposition to what they characterize as “deceptive practices” in the secondary ticketing marketplace, a consumer complaint in New York makes it clear that Ticketmaster may be guilty of a little deception itself, particularly as it pertains to its own operation within that... Read more
Blake Shelton Fan Disappointed by Ticketmaster Resale Rules
It stands to reason that a ticket in a VIP area, purchased from the company that markets its “verified” product so robustly, might grant one the rights and priveleges of the VIP area. A complaint filed with the New York State Office of the Attorney General by a disgruntled... Read more