In a move to consolidate some of its operations at its Los Angeles headquarters, RazorGator is preparing to close the eCommerce division at its Phoenix office and move it to L.A., which will result in some layoffs, TicketNews has learned.

The exact number of layoffs has not yet been determined because some employees from the division are considering making the move to L.A. So far, only Mark Wilson, executive vice president of the division, and Roderick Ioerger, who headed up the company’s SEO and affiliate marketing programs, have been dismissed.

Three of RazorGator’s other departments, Procurement, Customer Service and PrimeSport, will remain in the Phoenix office for the time being. And, the company recently hired a former Ticketmaster vice president, Erick Laubach, to head up the revamped eCommerce division.

“The Los Angeles eCommerce organization chart is somewhat different than the Phoenix organization chart,” RazorGator President and CEO Brendan Ross told TicketNews. “Some staff will transition to Los Angeles, others will not based on fit and interest level.”

RazorGator is the nation’s seventh-largest secondary ticket company, according to TicketNews’s exclusive industry rankings. Besides the offices in Phoenix and Los Angeles, the company also has offices in Atlanta and India, and Ross did not say whether any changes are slated for those two locations.

By moving the eCommerce unit and bringing in a new person to head up the operation, RazorGator could be looking at saving money and/or the possibility of a rebranding effort to boost its internet presence.

Ross declined to go into specifics about the change, but he was hired in March of this year in part to shake up the company, which had lost ground in recent years to StubHub and other secondary ticket companies.

Among Ross’s major moves this year was bringing back ticketing veterans Sam Soni and Jason Parker, who were part of the company earlier in the decade but left RazorGator in 2008 during the tumultuous time prior to Ross’s arrival.

Last Updated on December 5, 2009