Ticketing regulation in the United States is largely a patchwork of state-specific laws and processes governing both ticket sales from the box office or primary marketplace and ticket sales on resale marketplaces. Ticket resale is largely legal across the board, with different rules that specify what those involved can and cannot do.

This page is intended to focus primarily on pending legislation and issues that are in current conversation regarding the various lobbying efforts involved. It is not intended to be a comprehensive look at the full legal landscape surrounding tickets, so all are advised to do further investigation on their own regarding the specific ticketing legislation in place wherever they may be buying or selling tickets. None of what is contained in this section of TicketNews.com should be constituted as legal advice.

Ticketing Legislation Currently Being Considered (or Recently Considered)- by State

Alabama – SB150
Arizona – HB2743 | SB1521
Indiana – HB1331
New Jersey – A1511
Rhode Island – H5362
Maryland – HB747 | HB1235
Massachusetts – HB442 | HB283 | HB315
New York – S6716

States With Current Consumer-Friendly Ticketing Legislation

Colorado (PDF opens in new window)
Connecticut (PDF opens in new window)
New York
Virginia (PDF opens in new window)

Central Issues in Ticketing Being Debated

Non-Transferrable Tickets

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