Ticketing regulation and legislation is currently in unprecedented focus in the wake of widespread consumer outcry related to Live Nation Entertainment and its subsidiary, Ticketmaster. The current administration has encouraged the passage of a law that would regulate ticket fees and require transparency on ticket holdbacks and availability. The Federal Trade Commission is considering rulemaking on “junk fees” and the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing in January examining competition issues related to Live Nation and Ticketmaster’s share of the market.

With that in mind, current legislation is actually a patchwork of laws at the state level across the country. Some states offer strong consumer protections for their rights as ticket buyers, and others do not. Many states are considering laws in 2023 due to the attention on the industry – some good and some bad.

With this page, TicketNews hopes to keep its readers up to date on where the ticketing industry stands – what issues do consumers face, what laws are in place now, and what laws are being proposed and debated at both the federal and statewide level.

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Primary Consumer Issues in Ticketing

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Mobile-Only/Non-Transferrable Tickets
“BOTS” and Their Role in Consumer Experience
“Dynamic” Ticket Surge Pricing
Primary and Secondary Tickets Sharing Real Estate
Exclusive Contracts Between Venues and Ticketing Companies
Ticket Holdbacks/Display of Available Tickets
“Speculative” Advanced Ticket Listings

States With Current Consumer-Friendly Ticketing Legislation

Colorado (PDF opens in new window)
Connecticut (PDF opens in new window)
New York
Virginia (PDF opens in new window)

Ticketing Legislation Being Considered

This section is currently under construction as many bills are reportedly being introduced in the immediate aftermath of the Senate hearings in late January.

BOSS Act (Note: not currently active, but expected to be reintroduced)
Junk Fee Prevention Act
Colorado SB23-060
Washington HB 1648

Consumer Ticketing Advocacy Groups and Campaigns

Break Up Ticketmaster
Sports Fans Coalition
Protect Ticket Rights
National Consumers League
American Antitrust Institute
American Economic Liberties Project

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