StubHub Price Disclosure Recommended for FTC Review by Ad Industry Watchdog
The way which prices are displayed on has drawn the ire of the National Advertising Division, which announced this week that it has referred the matter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for review. According to the NAD, the company first requested that StubHub pricing be altered to... Read more
Dissecting the Songkick Settlement: Why did Live Nation Wait?
It’s been a couple of days, and I’m still confused about one central thing about Live Nation’s Friday announcement that it had settled its litigation with Songkick, purchasing remaining company assets from its one-time competitor. Why did it take so long to happen? Why after embarrassing dirty laundry was... Read more
GOP Tax Overhaul Claims Business-Related Ticketing Deduction
Event operators may feel the sting of the recent GOP tax overhauls, as it may have the unintended consequence of making businesses think twice before treating clients with tickets. The tax overhaul, signed by President Trump on December 22, eliminated a 50 percent deduction for business-related expenses for “entertainment,... Read more
Breaking: Live Nation, Songkick Settle Pending Lawsuit
Live Nation announced via a Friday afternoon press release that it had come to a settlement agreement with Complete Entertainment Resources Group, Inc. and related entities formerly known as Songkick. Live Nation acquired assets including what was formerly Songkick’s ticketing commerce platform, API applications and patent portfolio. Songkick, which... Read more
Live Nation Announces Partnership with Frank Productions
Live Nation announced a partnership with Frank Productions, one of the largest independent production operations in the U.S. via a press release on Thursday afternoon. Ampthemag sent out a brief email on the scoop earlier Thursday, which perhaps necessitated the announcement from the event behemoth. Frank, based in Wisconsin,... Read more
Ticketmaster Fires Back at Prestige Entertaiment Attempt to Dismiss Bot Suit
Ticketmaster fought back against an attempt to have its suit against Prestige Entertainment and related entities dismissed on Monday in a California federal court. Prestige, which Ticketmaster alleges bought millions of dollars in tickets using automated “bots” to then resell on the secondary market, filed a motion to dismiss in... Read more
CFP Game Enforces Mobile-Only Ticketing to Fans’ Dismay
Monday’s College Football Playoff between Georgia and Alabama will mark the first ever major championship sporting event in the United States where most fans will be forced to use mobile tickets to get into the game, and some are already unhappy with the process. Ticketmaster – the official partner... Read more
Opinion: Taylor Swift and the Myth of “Slow Ticketing”
by David Wakeman, Special to TicketNews So the “Taylor Swift tickets aren’t selling well” story seems to be everywhere these days. I’m really not surprised. There’s a lot to unpack in this story and several lessons that we can learn on the upside and downside of trying to control... Read more
Panthers Fans Could Lose PSL Money After Team Is Sold
The fate of the Carolina Panthers next season is up in the air, but one thing is for sure: if the Panthers relocate from Charlotte, fans’ personal seat licenses would expire, leaving them out the money the had invested towards a seat at the Bank of America Stadium. Max... Read more
Taylor Swift Adds Tour Dates After Mixed Sales Reports
Yesterday, reports of poor Taylor Swift ticket sales by the New York Post sparked a good deal of speculation about how well the “reputation” tour is actually doing. Today, “due to overwhelming demand”, Swift added seven more stadium shows to her itinerary. The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer... Read more