Mother Required to Prove Daughters Death to Use Ed Sheeran Tickets
After her daughter’s sudden death, a heartbroken mother wanted to use her daughter’s concert tickets to see Ed Sheeran in her memory. However, due to the strict anti-resale policy put in place by Sheeran and Killamanjaro Live, the woman was forced to show proof of her daughter’s demise before... Read more
New York Ticket Laws – Sorting Out the New Normal
With the laws in the Emprie State surrounding ticketing set to change if, as expected, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs the bill that passed the state legislature on Wednesday, it’s time to assess what will be different for consumers and businesses in ticketing once the new measures come into effect... Read more
Ticketmaster Partners With Vet Tix For Free, Discounted Veteran Tickets
Ticketmaster, the global market leader in ticketing, announced it is partnering with Veteran Tickets Foundation, also known as Vet Tix, to provide a real-time feed of live event tickets to their 780,000 veterans of all eras, current servicemembers including Guard and Reserves, immediate family members of those killed in action, and caretakers of VetTixers.... Read more
Ticketmaster Barcodes Fail At Foo Fighters Show, Fans Left Outside Venue
Foo Fighters fans were left outside Tuesday night at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium after their tickets were rejected at the barcode reading turnstiles due to a ‘human error.’ For hours, fans crowded outside, waiting for Ticketmaster UK to rectify the situation. Some fans were allowed into the venue at 6:20... Read more
View Issues Plague Some Billy Joel Fans at UK Performance
Hundreds of fans were treated poorly at the chaotic Billy Joel concert last week in Manchester’s Old Trafford, including disabled concertgoers who struggled to see the stage and were unable to move. Joel’s only show in the UK this year was in Manchester, so fans traveled across the country... Read more
Breaking: Ticket Resale Law Updates Passed in New York Legislature
New York ticket resale law updates passed both the Senate and Assembly on Wednesday afternoon, moving through to the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing. The bill passed the Senate first, coming through at a 52-8 margin. It passed the Assembly by a 105-1 margin. It is widely... Read more
Broadway League Fails in Attempt to Restrict Resale of ADA Seats in New York
Disabled concert, sporting event and theater patrons in New York can breathe a sigh of relief with the expected passage of a three year extension to New York’s ticket resale law, as a harsh measure pushed by a representative of The Broadway League to essentially eliminate the right of... Read more
Introducing Ticket Summit Sponsors For Event Next Month
This summer’s Ticket Summit conference is shaping up to be the place to be for anyone in the ticketing industry this summer. Ticket Summit is presented by TicketNetwork and DTI Management, two key leaders in the secondary ticket market. Numerous companies from around the ticketing industry will participate in... Read more
NBA Legend Dennis Rodman Joins; Headed to Ticket Summit
Dennis Rodman, the former NBA great and pop-icon, is now taking center court once again as the new Head of Business Development for, a Houston-based ticketing company. “Well, the coolest thing I’ve done lately, besides my recent trip, is that I’m part of a major corporation called – I’m... Read more
Shubert ‘Fighting Scalping,’ but Also Selling 300% Mark-Up Tickets Through Own Subsidiary
The Shubert Organization, one of the primary organizations lobbying hard to add onerous restrictions to the right of consumers to re-sell their own tickets in New York, is in fact a major player in the secondary market itself, scalping its own tickets at steep markup while misleading consumers that... Read more