Ticket resellers will learn to how to improve their online marketing strategies at “SEM and Email Marketing”, a scheduled panel at this week’s Ticket...

Ticket resellers will learn to how to improve their online marketing strategies at “SEM and Email Marketing”, a scheduled panel at this week’s Ticket Summit, to take place at the Waldorf=Astoria in New York City from January 13-15.

The panel presentation will explore innovative methods sellers can use to reach potential customers, with a specific focus on the areas of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Email-based marketing.

Presenters on the panel include Anton E. Konikoff, founder and CEO of Acronym Media, a top 10 Search and Keyword-Driven Marketing agency. The company is headquartered in Manhattan but over its fourteen years has developed operations in England, Brazil, Germany, Russia and Singapore. Since 2007, the company has used its Keyword-Driven Marketing framework to offer clients an efficient, effective and scalable search marketing platform. In this framework, the primary focus is upon the language used by the client’s target audience, allowing Acronym to create the optimal marketing message for that audience. Acronym also offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and media monitoring services. Konikoff will offer advice from his years of experience in SEM, including such areas as SEO, contextual marketing and web analytics.

Presenter Jeff Sexton’s expertise lies in the areas of successful internet advertising and writing as well as in persuasive email marketing. In his years with Future Now, a pioneer conversion rate optimization firm, Sexton was a Persuasion Architect and Chief Copywriting Instructor. He has also provided consultation and teaching services for a number of Fortune 50 companies, and he has considerable experience in split and multivariate testing for websites.

When not engaged in consulting or writing, Sexton teaches for the Wizard of Ads Group, a consortium of business professionals and an on-site/online business school which specializes in advertising and marketing skills. For three years, Sexton taught a sell-out course for the school entitled, “How to Write Powerfully and Clearly”, and currently he is co-instructor for a two-day workshop, “Writing for Radio and the Internet”.

Sexton recently shared with TicketNews some of his plans for this week’s panel discussion. “For the panel, I’m really going to be discussing email marketing. There are three hurdles you have to get through if you’re sitting on an email with the intent of selling something. I’ll be discussing the critical factors involved in achieving [those three], high open rates, high click through rates, and high conversion rates. I’ll also probably discuss the use of split testing and optimization for email campaigns.”

“SEM and Email Marketing” will be held on Thursday, January 14, from 11 AM to Noon in the Waldorf=Astoria’s Palm Room South.