Lady Gaga is the hottest musical act around and now she’s ranked number one overall in TicketNews’s Weekly Top Event Rankings for the week ending March 21. Her 8.54 power score beats Wicked’s 4.71 power score.

Another top musical act, Taylor Swift, is number three overall with a 1.77 power score. Michael Bublé (four, 1.74) edges ahead of Justin Bieber (five, 1.63) who appears in these rankings for the first time since announcing his 42-date “My World” tour.

James Taylor & Carole King continue to sell tickets after adding stops to their tour earlier this month; they’re at number six (1.57). Pearl Jam will hit the road for one month this spring to support their album “Backspacer” and tickets sales for those eleven dates put the band at number seven (1.55).

Theater favorites Jersey Boys (eight, 1.37) and Lion King (nine, 1.37) also make the top ten, with the Black Eyed Peas closing at number ten and with a 1.36 power score.

The above acts dominate the concert events rankings, with the Eagles (eight, 2.42) and Elton John (nine, 2.38) joining them. Iron Maiden tickets went on sale this past weekend and sales were good enough to give that band number ten and a 2.32 power score.

Baseball season is upon us and the popular Boston Red Sox (4.53) and New York Yankees (two, 4.42) lead the sport’s top ten. The WWE follows in number two (3.47).

The Mexico soccer team is number four (2.31), followed by the Minnesota Twins (five, 2.00) and the AMA Supercross (six, 1.84). The NBA’s Denver Nuggets (seven, 1.84), New York Knicks (nine, 1.67), and Los Angeles Lakers (ten, 1.54) also make the cut. In between these teams is the Houston Rodeo featuring Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber (eight, 1.72).

“Wicked” is still a tough show to outsell. With its 32.36 power score, it has a large lead over “Jersey Boys” (9.46) and “Lion King” (9.36) in the theater rankings. Billy Elliot is number four (6.04) and Phantom of the Opera is number five (3.89). Mary Poppins makes the theater Top Ten at number nine (2.01) and Cats is number ten (1.94).

The Broadway top four mirror the theater top four. The Addams Family is number five (5.31) in the Broadway rankings. Riverdance (six, 4.01) beats another favorite, Mamma Mia! (seven, 3.27). A View From The Bridge is number eight (2.80), and closing out the Broadway top ten with a 2.33 power score is A Little Night Music (ten, 2.33).

Cher still has the top selling Vegas show according to these rankings. Her 65.70 power score bests the 10.31 power score of Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love. Barry Manilow is still a Vegas draw and he stays at number three (6.00). Meanwhile, Jubilee! is number four (2.69).

At numbers five and six are Le Rêve (2.50) and Jay Leno (2.40); Cirque du Soleil – KÀ is number seven (1.77). Criss Angel: Believe moves up the rankings from number ten in the last rankings to number nine (1.49) in these. Also making the Vegas top ten: George Wallace (eight, 1.68) and American Superstars (ten, 1.04).

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork Exchange™, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. A Power Score illustrates a given event’s category-specific significance. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. As such, power scores should only be used to compare events within a particular category.

Top Combined Events

Week Ending 03/21/2010

      Event Score
1 Lady Gaga Tickets

2 Wicked Tickets 4.71
3 Taylor Swift Tickets 1.77
4 Michael Buble Tickets

5 Justin Bieber Tickets 1.63
6 James Taylor & Carole King Tickets 1.57
7 Pearl Jam Tickets 1.55
8 Jersey Boys Tickets 1.37
9 Lion King Tickets 1.37
10 Black Eyed Peas Tickets 1.36

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 03/21/2010

      Event Score
1 Lady Gaga Tickets 15.86
2 Taylor Swift Tickets

3 Michael Buble Tickets 3.25
4 Justin Bieber Tickets 3.09
5 James Taylor & Carole King Tickets

6 Pearl Jam Tickets 2.89
7 Black Eyed Peas Tickets 2.52
8 The Eagles Tickets

9 Elton John Tickets 2.38
10 Iron Maiden Tickets 2.32

Top Sports Events

Week Ending 03/21/2010

      Event Score
1 Boston Red Sox Tickets 4.53

New York Yankees Tickets

3 WWE Tickets 3.47
4 Mexico Tickets 2.31
5 Minnesota Twins Tickets 2.00
6 Ama Supercross Tickets 1.84
7 Denver Nuggets Tickets 1.84
8 Houston Rodeo: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Tickets 1.72
9 New York Knicks Tickets

10 Los Angeles Lakers Tickets 1.54

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 03/21/2010

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 32.36
2 Jersey Boys Tickets 9.46

Lion King Tickets

4 Billy Elliot Tickets 6.04
5 Phantom of the Opera Tickets 3.89
6 The Addams Family Tickets 2.88
7 Riverdance Tickets 2.50
8 Mamma Mia! Tickets 2.13
9 Mary Poppins Tickets 2.01
10 Cats Tickets 1.94

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 03/21/2010

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 28.42
2 Jersey Boys Tickets

3 Lion King Tickets 10.56
4 Billy Elliot Tickets 7.13
5 The Addams Family Tickets

6 Riverdance Tickets 4.01
7 Mamma Mia! Tickets 3.27
8 A View From The Bridge Tickets

9 Phantom of the Opera Tickets 2.35
10 A Little Night Music Tickets 2.33

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 03/21/2010

      Event Score
1 Cher Tickets 65.70

Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets

3 Barry Manilow Tickets 6.00
4 Jubilee! Tickets 2.69
5 Le Reve Tickets 2.50
6 Jay Leno Tickets 2.40
7 Cirque Du Soleil – Ka Tickets 1.77
8 George Wallace Tickets 1.68
9 Criss Angel: Believe Tickets 1.49
10 American Superstars Tickets 1.04