A relatively new ticket aggregator has signed deals to move its product into ticketing’s new frontier, the ever-increasing number of mobile phones worldwide. Bandsintown...

A relatively new ticket aggregator has signed deals to move its product into ticketing’s new frontier, the ever-increasing number of mobile phones worldwide.

Bandsintown was launched in 2007 as a consumer-based aggregator of concert and ticket information. The idea of the site was to give consumers the ticket purchasing information they need and also to provide recommendations for similar music on their local scene.

In the course of three years of collecting data, Todd Cronin and his co-founder Phil Sergi found that platforms like iTunes failed to provide aggregated concert listings, and they set to work to change that. Their timing could be fortuitous because they are establishing the site just as news that Apple is looking to patent a ticketing system through its iTunes store.

Bandsintown now provides a back end product for computer applications and Web sites that allows it to display the variety of information to their customers that the company had collected for their own site. Over the past three years, the company has developed ticket marketplace sources covering over 160 countries.

In recent weeks, the company has signed application programming interface (API) partnership deals which should move them closer to their goals. Earlier this month, Bandinstown announced deals with computer application Shazam, independent music marketer ReverbNation and record label EMI. The company expects to reach millions of customers through these new deals.

Using a mobile phone’s geolocator, Bandsintown will provide users with local concert and ticket info for the millions of tagged songs on Shazam’s three platforms. Through ReverbNation, Bandsintown will be able to provide more than twenty million music fans relevant and up-to-date concert and ticket information. In its partnership with EMI, the company will publicize information about live events coming up from artists on the label.

CEO Cronin is proud of the work his company has done thus far. “Now we’re a marketplace bringing computer application websites together with ticketing sources. We have a couple hundred sources right now.”

He is also excited about the opportunities inherent in these new partnerships. “Our press release said we reach 50 million people, but I think it’s more than 50 million people that we reach. Shazam alone is doing 60 million song tags a month. Every time you tag a song it delivers concert ticket info from us. There are a lot more partnerships to come.”

Among Bandsintown’s competitors, as Cronin sees it, are FanSnap and Songkick, two other live entertainment aggregators.

Cronin sees the mobile phone as the perfect vehicle for ticket purchasing, but he notes a need for improvement in the new and changing system of mobile ticket buying. “The mobile phone is a great space to purchase concert ticket information because you have [a user’s] location, but the actual purchase path, mobile payments and one click purchasing, is not there yet. When the user goes to purchase tickets on the Web site, it’s not a good experience on the mobile phone. One of the things that we’re hoping improves over time is mobile ticket purchasing, making purchasing easier over the phone.”