PRESS RELEASE: “Fatsoma Ltd Provides a Social Ticketing Solution Through Event Ticket Pages on Reps’ Facebook Profiles” Manchester, ENG (Fatsoma) 9th April 2010 –...

PRESS RELEASE: “Fatsoma Ltd Provides a Social Ticketing Solution Through Event Ticket Pages on Reps’ Facebook Profiles”

Manchester, ENG (Fatsoma) 9th April 2010 – UK promotion and ticketing platform, Fatsoma Ltd, has released a large product update. From new branding to usability improvements, the whole system has been extensively refined.

New features have also been added, with further Facebook integration taking priority. These developments include the ability for reps to sell tickets through a branded ticket page tab on their Facebook profile, and for clients to update all reps’ statuses from within the Fatsoma platform, tracking the sales made through each rep’s status.

Paul Stacey, Director of Fatsoma Ltd, said, “This release is a huge step for us as a company. We can now offer the social ticketing alternative that we have strived to develop since day one. None of our current competitors have responded to the growth in social networks, yet we believe they are fundamental to the future of event and live music promotion. With the ability to update multiple reps’ statuses, and for reps to even add a ticket page to their Facebook profile, we have opened the door to social ticketing.”

By building a free Facebook application, clients can create exposure to their events through viral promotion. Every ticket sold through their Fatsoma website can be displayed on the consumer’s Facebook newsfeed. The same applies for users who tag photos on any integrated Fatsoma site, as these too can be displayed to their entire Facebook network. These additional features extend the possibilities of Facebook integration, providing reps with the opportunity to connect with the promoter’s application, and thus allowing them to list tickets on a profile tab, and to update their statuses with tracked links. All tickets sold via Facebook are tracked and earn the reps their commission rate, set by each promoter. Online reps have proved a highly successful feature for Fatsoma, with over 270,000 clicks earning reps almost £12,500 to date.

Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide with event promotion opportunities through the creation of fan pages, groups, and events, yet Fatsoma are the first company to provide a ticketing solution within the worlds largest social networking site.

Paul Stacey, continued, “Our services have always been derived by working closely with promoters, providing new solutions to evolving promotional and ticketing needs.”

Fatsoma’s growing list of clients include UK promoters Rough Hill and Propaganda, Manchester’s Fac251 nightclub, and artists including Chipmunk. Of these clients, 105 have created Facebook applications, connecting over 90,000 user accounts. Many of these clients have been acquired through the direct involvement of shareholder Coda Music Agency.

About Fatsoma Ltd

Fatsoma Ltd offer a social online promotion and ticketing service. This all-in-one platform allows event promoters, venue owners, festival organisers, and artists to sell their own tickets through their own website, and access many other features including selling tickets through a huge network of reps, viral marketing and extended social network sales via Facebook integration, the ability to collect and use their own private consumer data, and the ability to send out targeted newsletters, eflyers and SMS marketing campaigns.

The company was established in Manchester in 2006 to meet the needs of independent promoters using the new social networking phenomenon. Fatsoma is rapidly growing towards an international market and is now being utilised across the events and live music sectors. For more information on Fatsoma Ltd please contact or visit

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