In their first ever time in the American League Championship Series, Texas Rangers tickets topped of TicketNews’ exclusive Events rankings for the week ending...

In their first ever time in the American League Championship Series, Texas Rangers tickets topped of TicketNews’ exclusive Events rankings for the week ending Sunday, October 17, power scoring a 4.41. The Rangers are now up 2-1 in their series against the New York Yankees, whose ALCS tickets made it to the number eight spot (1.55) this week.

With baseball fans boosting the Rangers to the top, Wicked dropped to number two (3.92) in the rankings for the second time in three weeks. Other musical productions joining Wicked in the top ten this week were Lion King (five, 1.88), the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (six, 1.87), and Jersey Boys (seven, 1.66).

The top selling musical artist on the list this week was Roger Waters (three, 2.37), followed by Justin Bieber (four, 2.12), Sade (nine, 1.46), and Usher (ten, 1.45).

Rangers and Yankees tickets for the ALCS were one (9.72) and two (3.43) respectively in this week’s Top Sports Events rankings. The only other MLB tickets making this week’s top ten were for the San Francisco Giants (four, 2.58) in their NLCS bid against the Philadelphia Phillies. The series is currently an even split between the teams at 1-1.

The 1-4 Dallas Cowboys still showed well in the Top Sports rankings this week, coming in at number three and power scoring a 3.07. The 4-2 Chicago Bears landed at number six (2.08), followed by the 4-1 New England Patriots (seven, 2.01) and the 2-3 Minnesota Vikings (eight, 1.80). With NBA regular season around the corner, the New York Knicks made it to number five (2.13) in the rankings, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers (nine, 1.78) and the Miami Heat (ten, 1.61).

Roger Waters repeated his strong showing in the Top Events category by taking number one in this week’s Top Concert Events rankings, power scoring a 7.50. Mexican ranchera musician Vicente Fernandez debuted this week in the number six spot (3.03). Seasonal favorites the Trans-Siberian Orchestra came in at seven (2.81).

As usual, “Wicked” topped both the Top Broadway and Top Theater Events rankings this week, power scoring a 23.29 and a 20.30, respectively. Joining “Wicked” on the Broadway list was the “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” (two, 16.54), followed by “Jersey Boys” (three, 8.12), Al Pacino in his upcoming limited run of The Merchant of Venice (four, 5.70), and “Lion King” (five, 3.75).

The Broadway premiere of Elf, which opens on November 14 with previews beginning November 2, came in at number seven (2.53) this week. The newly opened La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center arrived at number eight this week (2.50), and Billy Elliot finished at number nine (2.35

The Top Vegas Events rankings once again had Cher at number one, power scoring a monster 77.42. Celine Dion, preparing for her Vegas return in March of 2011, came in a distant second, power scoring a 10.20.

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork ExchangeTM, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. Since the sum of all events’ power scores equals 100 in any given category, an individual event’s Power Score represents its category-specific significance. Top Seller Power Scores should only be used to compare sellers within a particular category, and not across categories.

Top Combined Events

Week Ending 10/17/2010

1 ALCS: Texas Rangers Tickets

2 Wicked Tickets3.92
3 Roger Waters Tickets2.37
4 Justin Bieber Tickets

5 Lion King Tickets1.88
6 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets1.87
7 Jersey Boys Tickets

8 ALCS: New York Yankees Tickets1.55
9 Sade Tickets1.46
10 Usher Tickets


Top Concert Events

Week Ending 10/17/2010

1 Roger Waters Tickets

2 Justin Bieber Tickets6.95
3 Sade Tickets4.79
4 Usher Tickets

5 Lady Gaga Tickets4.17
6 Vicente Fernandez Tickets3.03
7 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

8 Shakira Tickets2.11
9 Michael Buble Tickets2.05
10 The Eagles Tickets


Top Sports Events

Week Ending 10/17/2010

1 ALCS: Texas Rangers Tickets9.72
2 ALCS: New York Yankees Tickets

3 Dallas Cowboys Tickets3.07
4 NLCS: San Francisco Giants Tickets2.58
5 New York Knicks Tickets

6 Chicago Bears Tickets2.08
7 New England Patriots Tickets2.01
8 Minnesota Vikings Tickets

9 Los Angeles Lakers Tickets1.78
10 Miami Heat Tickets1.61

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 10/17/2010

1 Wicked Tickets

2 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets10.13
3 Lion King Tickets9.62
4 Jersey Boys Tickets

5 Phantom Of The Opera Tickets4.18
6 West Side Story Tickets3.78
7 Billy Elliot Tickets

8 The Merchant of Venice Tickets2.43
9 Andrea Bocelli Tickets1.81
10 Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3 Tickets


Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 10/17/2010

1 Wicked Tickets23.29
2 Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets

3 Jersey Boys Tickets8.12
4 The Merchant of Venice Tickets5.70
5 Lion King Tickets

6 The Addams Family Tickets3.06
7 Elf Tickets2.53
8 La Boheme Tickets

9 Billy Elliot Tickets2.35
10 Andrea Bocelli Tickets2.26

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 10/17/2010

1 Cher Tickets77.42

Celine Dion Tickets

3 Cirque Du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets3.32
4 Jersey Boys Tickets1.76
5 David Copperfield Tickets1.59
6 Le Reve Tickets1.21
7 Blue Man Group Tickets0.90
8 Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular Tickets0.88
9 Donny and Marie Osmond Tickets0.59
10 Cirque Du Soleil – Viva Elvis Tickets0.59