The New Jersey Devils have rolled out a dynamic ticket pricing plan for its home games at the Prudential Center this season, in an attempt to consistently fill more seats.

Since the Devils’ move to the Newark-based arena a couple of seasons ago, the team has not drawn particularly well, and for the 2010-11 season it ranked 25th in the National Hockey League in attendance. The team drew a total of just under 606,000 fans for its 41 games, or an average of 14,775 per game.

The attendance figure translates to an average of about 84 percent capacity, but attendance for weekend games was typically much higher than for weekday games. In addition, games against conference rivals, such as the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers, also usually attracted more fans.

To help even out its attendance, the team has broken out its single-game ticket sales into three groups of games: Premier, Classic and 30th Anniversary Special. Premier games are the most expensive and will primarily consist of weekend games against rivals; Classic games will also primarily be weekend games against other notable teams; and 30th Anniversary Special games will be primarily weekday games.

For Premier games, prices range from $35 to $375; for Classic games, prices range from $27 to $300; and for 30th Anniversary Special games, prices range from $20 to $250.

The Devils join several professional sports teams that have turned to dynamic pricing, also known as variable pricing, to help spark ticket sales. Baseball’s San Francisco Giants started the practice a couple of years ago, and now it is common in the National Basketball Association, NHL and Major League Baseball.

“These classifications are based on the opponent, time of the year, day of the week, and rivalry matchups,” the Devils said in a statement. “Varible pricing gives you the opportunity to select the games that work best for you while staying in a set budget.”

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