PRESS RELEASE: “Orchestra Nova San Diego Goes SuperNova: A Success Story for the Arts” SAN DIEGO, CA (Orchestra Nova) September 13, 2011 — It’s...

PRESS RELEASE: “Orchestra Nova San Diego Goes SuperNova: A Success Story for the Arts”

SAN DIEGO, CA (Orchestra Nova) September 13, 2011 — It’s a rarity in the world of arts these days, but Orchestra Nova San Diego ended its 2010-2011 season in the black and has pre-sold 75% of its capacity with subscriptions for their 2011-2012 Nova Classics series which will begin in October. They’re hiring, not laying off employees.

Under the leadership of chief executive officer Beverly Lambert, artistic director and conductor Jung-Ho Pak and board president Sam Dychter, the orchestra is implementing a new artistic and business model that is focused on providing a new paradigm for the business of performing classical music.

Artistically, the words “concert” and “orchestra” are rarely used by Orchestra Nova these days — replaced by “the Nova experience” (rolling out as Nova 2.0 this season) which focuses on providing an entertaining and theatrical experience for guests that transports them from their ordinary world into a fantasy world for a few unbelievable hours. This season, doors to the lobbies for the Nova Classics series will open at 6:00 where guests will be warmly welcomed and immersed into a world that is wrapped around the theme of the evening’s music.

For example, A Taste of Spain will feature beautiful classical music relative to Spain in the hall, but prior to the performance and during the intermission, the lobby will be filled with sensory experiences for the entire family: a flamenco dancer teaching the flamenco in one corner; a Spanish guitarist playing as he strolls through the lobby; a wine-tasting demonstration in another corner; a display of Spanish artwork; a tapas bar in another corner; a chance to have a photo taken with a life-sized cut-out of Jung-Ho Pak that will be uploaded to a web site; and much more.

Nova Goes Green will feature Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 (Pastorale) and a newly commissioned composition Surf that will be complemented with surfing video. The lobby activities will be centered on caring for the planet Earth.

From a business standpoint, the orchestra is moving away from the traditional nonprofit model and more toward a corporate model by:

1. Focusing on presenting “the Nova experience” in a way that never trivializes the beautiful classical music itself, but delivers a presentation that entertains people from all walks of life, including the 98% who have never attend classical music concerts as well as the 2% who love them.
2. Increasing sponsorship opportunities by using TV and Internet broadcasting as a core delivery vehicle for “the Nova experience,” edited to include fascinating human interest stories and interviews that provides fantastic entertainment.

Orchestra Nova is uniquely positioned for this paradigm through their leadership team.

1. Chief executive officer Beverly Lambert has had years of corporate experience with IBM and as the founder and CEO of a software development corporation in the Bay area, but began her career as a music educator.
2. Artistic director and conductor Jung-Ho Pak is renowned throughout the country as an outstanding conductor, music educator and visionary who motivates his musicians to perform at their highest level of musicianship and emotion; who is passionate about bringing humanity – beauty and joy – into the lives of everyone he can reach through music; and who connects with guests in a way that creates enthusiasm for the experience.
3. Board president Samuel Dychter, M.D., is a physician and biopharmaceutical professional who has a passion for the arts, including classical music, having studied the violin since his youth.

Watch Beverly Lambert and Jung-Ho Pak discuss last year’s successes and the excitement about the upcoming season: [YouTube Link].

About Orchestra Nova

Under the dynamic leadership of artistic director Jung-Ho Pak, chief executive officer Beverly Lambert and board president, Dr. Samuel Dychter, Orchestra Nova is enjoying unprecedented financial and artistic success as it gets ready to roll out the red carpet for its first Pops! Concert of the season on October 2 and its Nova Classics season opener on October 22. The Nova Experience begins once you enter the door and are immersed in the lobby experience that sets the stage for the evening’s concert which includes creative programming, multimedia presentations and unsurpassed musicianship.

Orchestra Nova is deeply committed to music education and has the most extensive programs in San Diego County, engaging thousands of students through programs that are low-cost, self-sustainable and long-lasting. For more information: