Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zarkana’ opens in Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zarkana’ opens in Las Vegas
“Zarkana,” a magical acrobatic rock opera experience will mesmerize audience members on the Las Vegas strip as another Cirque du Soleil production. Preview performances... Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Zarkana’ opens in Las Vegas

Zarkana,” a magical acrobatic rock opera experience will mesmerize audience members on the Las Vegas strip as another Cirque du Soleil production. Preview performances began on November 1 at the Elvis Theatre in Aria Resort & Casino. The preview performances will run through November 11 and the show will officially open on November 12 for a full residency.

Before finding its’ full-residence in Vegas, “Zarkana” was a touring show selling more than a million tickets to awed theatergoers around the world. The production debuted the summer of 2011 at Radio City Music Hall in New York. It then had successful limited engagements in Spain’s Madrid Arena, at the Kremlin Theater in Moscow, and back at New York’s Radio City Music Hall for another summer in 2012.

“‘Zarkana’ is a production of the perfect size and scope for the beautiful theater at ARIA. With a high level of acrobatic performance, the show has garnered public appeal around the world. We are pleased that visitors to Las Vegas will be able to experience the show and feel that Zarkana is a perfect complement to the portfolio of Cirque du Soleil shows on The Strip,” said Cirque du Soleil President and CEO Daniel Lamarre in a Cirque Du Soleil press release.

“Zarkana” takes the audience into a magical world of unbelievable physical ability. The love story is about a magician, Zark, who must gain back his magical powers and find his lost beloved. Zark journeys into an abandoned theater of ghosts from his circus past, which consist of a cast of about 75 international artists. This amazing acrobatic show transports the audience into a world where reality and fantasy are blurred.

For the Las Vegas residency “Zarkana” will be performed in its’ own Cirquish language, a combination of circus and English.

“We started out with English, but it was not fully executing, so we went to the invented language. We will not go back to English for the Vegas run. We won’t convert it or translate it. We have the right balance now. This show is character-based and not story-based. It is a formula that has been well proven from the early days of Cirque,” said writer and director Francois Girard as noted in the

“But they (the audience) can make their own story in their minds to accompany the thrilling onstage action…,” said Actress Evelyn Lamontagne, who plays the whip-lashing temptress according to the

“Zarkana” is the seventh resident Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas. The other shows include: “Mystere,” “O,” “Zumanity,” “Ka,” “Love,” and Criss Angel’s “Believe.” For Las Vegas the “Zarkana” show has been adjusted down to a 90 minute run time and the 15-minute intermission has been cut, which should make the production more efficient.

“Zarkana” is based around English songs by Nick Littlemore. The production was written and directed by Francois Girard, known for his films “Silk” and “Red Violin.”

“Zarkana” uses video, technological special effects, and LED screens more so than any other Cirque production to create its’ magical world. One of the largest trapeze rigs around the world is also used in the show.

Aria’s Elvis Theatre is more intimate than the theaters visited in the past, but the cast is excited about it. New York’s Radio City Music Hall held 6,000 seats compared to Aria’s 1,800 seats. “Audiences will see our facial expression better. As actors, being close to the public is a gift. It will be an added rush,” said Paul Bisson who plays the lead role of Zark.

Tickets to see “Zarkana” at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas are available for purchase now.