Ticketmaster announced yesterday that Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming residency at Walter Kerr Theatre, Springsteen on Broadway, would more than double in duration. Just hours after tickets to the 8 week run went on sale, an additional 10 weeks of shows were revealed to fans via Twitter and email.

Emotions ran high yesterday morning when a limited number of tickets went on sale for Springsteen’s original stretch from October 3 – November 26. The show will take place in a 975-seat venue, making for both a uniquely intimate performance with the legend and an almost impossible chance at scoring tickets. The tickets, which ranged from $75 – $850 on Ticketmaster, sold out in a matter of minutes.

Less than three hours later, Ticketmaster announced 10 more weeks of the highly-coveted Springsteen shows in an email to those who’d registered for the Verified Fan presale and through the following tweet:

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Details about the extended Verified Fan registration on the Ticketmaster website read:

We appreciate your participation in the #VerifiedFan process and you DO NOT need to register again if you were unsuccessful in completing a ticket purchase for any reason including:

1. Due to demand – you were placed on Standby and did not receive an offer code.

2. You were on Standby – received an offer code but could not find tickets.

3. You received a code and did not complete a ticket purchase.

The presale for the next batch of Springsteen tickets will take place next Thursday, September 7 at 10:00 AM ET. As stated on the website, those who already registered for the first presale do not have to re-register, nor will re-registration increase their chances of receiving a code or purchasing tickets. Fans who did not sign up the first time around may register to take part in the Verified Fan presale for the additional shows.

The Boss himself sent out this tweet after the announcement, pointing fans to the Verified Fan FAQs page.

So for the thousands who could not pull off a purchase the first time around, this extension announcement is music to their ears. For those of us who know a bit about both Springsteen and Ticketmaster’s shifty ticketing tricks, it would not come as a surprise if the show was planned to run until February all along. A shorter run means less shows, which means less tickets, which means greater demand and a faster sellout.

The added shows will still take place Tuesday – Sunday night each week, and prices will again range from $75 – $850. As usual, registration does not guarantee a code, nor does a code guarantee tickets. Fans can still only purchase up to 2 tickets with their offer code. The deadline for the second registration is Sunday, September 3 at 10 PM ET.

Last Updated on August 31, 2017