Would-be concert promoter Octaveon Woods has been indicted on charges of wire fraud and money laundering by federal authorities, following an imploded concert that was promised to feature Migos, Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert at Atlanta’s Emory University last fall.

Woods, 26, operated companies which claimed to represent “dozens of famous musicians, comedians and other artists” according to the Justice Department. But the Decatur, Illinois native had no ties to any of the artists his companies claimed to represent. He has pleaded not guilty and posted $10,000 bond on February 13.

In total, Woods received over $65,000 for various fake bookings, which he then laundered by transferring to other accounts and withdrawing as cash. Emory paid him a total of $37,500, while other alleged victims included the University of Missouri.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Emory paid Global Talent Agency that near $40,000 figure early in 2017, hoping to secure Migos for its annual Dooley’s Week celebration. Two weeks prior to the scheduled show, the school’s Student Planning Council learned that they had been defrauded, and that the performers had never even been contacted regarding the date. Instead, they were scheduled to perform on the same April date in Biloxi, Mississippi.

“It’s never acceptable for people to try to get over on others,” a representative of Migos told the AJC at the time. “We do not condone this type of behavior.”

At the last minute, the school was able to book rapper Ty Dolla Sign, at a cost of $85,000. The school has since committed to a more thorough process of vetting potential partners, as the last-minute shuffle angered students and community members.

“How do you guys mess this up? They have their booking information on their Twitter telling you it’s [email protected],” said Kevin O’Neal Childress on a statement posted to social media announcing the snafu.

Last Updated on February 19, 2018