Tao of Sports and Ticket Galaxy have announced a unique learning opportunity for those in the sports sales industry, set for July 8 at The Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip. Sports Sales Summit 2019 promises opportunities for account executives to invest in their craft and teams to invest in their account executives for better returns.

“The 2019 Sports Sales Summit was created by working sports business professionals, with the goal of enhancing every attendee’s ability to move tickets, grow their personal brand, and increase their engagement with working professionals in the field today,” reads the event website. “The goal is to help every working sports sales attendee develop the skills necessary to refocus and enhance their efforts with a 1-day, no-nonsense training seminar. Each attendee will be fully immersed in techniques for group sales, digital branding & sales, as well as leadership components to ensure a winning career strategy.”

Prices for the event, which runs from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., start at $250 for a single general admission pass, with discounted passes available for teams of five at $500 total and an even deeper-discounted $1,000 pass for a team of up to 15.

Featured speakers include Troy Kirby (the Tao of Sports), Kathy Burrows (Sold Out Seating), Liz Menne (Data Analytics, Auburn University), Pete Stringer (Digital Marketing, formerly of the Boston Celtics and UFC), Amy Scheer (Consultant, Madison Square Garden), and Bill Makris (VP Ticket Sales, Arizona Coyotes).

Sessions – 2019 Sports Sales Summit

Creating Pipelines and Qualifying

Sales reps will understand pipelines vs prospects, growing them to close, and how to keep refiling. It will also give the rep the opportunity to qualify someone from their pipeline quickly).</p> <p>Upon finishing this session, the reps will return and know how to spend an hour of their day prospecting smartly and creating 2 power hour lists for success each night before leaving, find ‘who’ are our people, ‘where’ are our people, ‘who’ are people like them and ‘who wants ‘ our people, and, once placing a prospect into their pipeline be able to move them up the 4 steps to close.

The Dating Game: Creating a Conversation

Sales reps will learn to interact in a conversational way, evoke emotions while finding needs.

Upon finishing this session, reps will return to their team and instantly start utilizing engaging conversations, know how to get the emotions involved, ask relationship based questions, use transitional statements, begin using the art of silence, and make their recommendation based on a quality conversation. Reps will also know how to brand themselves and utilize social media to move areas of sales forward.

Planning a Winning Strategy

The sales rep will be able to create and understand the strategic process. They will be able to put together a quarterly strategy to achieve their goals and design structure to their day.</p> <p>Upon completion, reps will return to their team and be able to create a process for success. They will formulate timelines of sales coming in, know how and when to move some sales up, and will create quarterly plans for success.

Specific Sales Area

The sales rep will understand and create touchpoints to keep their members engaged and retention up; they will be able to supersize groups and know the steps to supersizing; and will be able to develop nonprofits in ways other than just fundraising tickets.)

Upon completion, the reps will return to the team with a solid plan for touchpoints both in and out of season, return with a few potential groups for supersizing along with the strategy to do so, and will know how to run a nonprofit workshop to help create a true partnership where both the team and the nonprofit wins.

Find more information about the 2019 Sports Sales Summit and purchase passes at https://sportssalessummit.com/

Last Updated on May 22, 2019

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