The US Minority Ticketing Group (USMTG) is proud to welcome Ameerah Ahmad to the organization. Ahmad is the founder and owner of Ticket Snatchers, a new and upcoming ticket resale marketplace.

Ameerah Ahmad

Ahmad may be new to the ticketing industry after founding Ticket Snatchers in January 2019, but her wealth of experience and knowledge in design, websites, and digital and affiliate marketing has positioned her perfectly for it. Ahmad began by wanting to integrate live events on her website in order to serve her pre-existing customer base. She quickly became intrigued by the idea of ticket resale and saw a clear opportunity. Slowly, she was introduced to the industry. Ahmad was hired to market a signature site for the ticket resale platform, Ticket Network, which launched her into the world of ticket brokers where she started brokering herself. Now, she is working on hosting her own ticket resale website with the POSNext mobile app and with an IOS app in the Apple App Store.

As the one-year anniversary of Ticket Snatchers approaches, Ahmad says that her company is growing through her unique take on ticket sales, social media promotion, and branding. Ticket brokers who have been in the business for decades can learn from her innovative approach to ticketing.

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Ahmad is seeing the industry head on and learning the ropes of it as it’s changing faster than ever.

“Constantly check the competition, not to copy what they are doing, but to do things differently,” she said. “Bring passion and all of your heart. Love what you’re doing, and success will follow.”

For Ahmad, if your heart isn’t in it, neither is your head. New and old ticket brokers can learn something from Ahmad’s approach: You don’t want to get lost in the sea of ticket brokers and your specific expertise and different tactics are what will make your business stand out in this ever-evolving and expanding industry.

When Ahmad isn’t working, she spends most of her time with her five-year-old son. The USMTG is so excited to welcome Ameerah Ahmad to our organization and can’t wait to see Ticket Snatchers grow.

Ahmad is based in Massachusetts, but provides tickets throughout the nation. To learn more about Ticket Snatcher, you can visit their website.

Last Updated on October 17, 2019