In an email to consumers holding Personal Seat Licences, the Carolina Panthers laid out plans for prioritizing in-person access this fall with drastically limited seating capacity. Those who have purchased single-game seats for the upcoming season will be refunded.

The move is similar to actions taken by other franchises in anticipation of the restrictions they expect to be in place from local officials. PSL Owners in Carolina will be able to attend a limited number of home games, with the number of games to be determined by local regulations and how many rights-holders opt not to just hold off until next season.

“In order to accommodate as many PSL Owners as possible in this reduced-capacity scenario, we plan to make a limited number of home games available to each account,” the email reads. “The number of games each PSL Owner will have access to will be determined by factors such as approved capacity, overall demand, and, in some cases, seating location.”

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PSL Owners will have the choice between opting in to the limited seating program, or opting out entirely and rolling their payments for 2020 to next year. Opting in won’t mean a PSL Owner will be sitting in their actual seats, the email cautions – but will choose from an available seat within their price point depending on availability.

Policies laid out include:

  • PSL Owners will have the opportunity to select from a predetermined set of games.
  • Due to a socially-distant seat configuration that meets health and safety protocols, it is unlikely that PSL Owners will sit in their exact seat location.
  • Stadium capacity could change through the course of the season, and PSL Owners will be promptly notified of any potential ticket impact.
  • PSL Owners will only be permitted to purchase seats within their specific price level. However, if inventory is unavailable, adjustments will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Season tickets will revert back to current PSL seat locations for 2021.
  • Enhanced protective measures will be implemented during event days. While plans are still being finalized, some of the protective measures include: Health screening protocols, required face coverings, access to sanitizing stations throughout the facility, contactless/cashless transactions and physical distancing amplified via stadium signage.

Additional details, including seating capacity, are expected to be announced by the team closer to the fall.