2020 Kentucky Derby: Ticket Info, Infield Selling Suspension, and Refund Process 2020 Kentucky Derby: Ticket Info, Infield Selling Suspension, and Refund Process
As August finally kicks in, there is one more month to go before the Kentucky Derby starts. This event was supposed to take place... 2020 Kentucky Derby: Ticket Info, Infield Selling Suspension, and Refund Process

As August finally kicks in, there is one more month to go before the Kentucky Derby starts. This event was supposed to take place last May through its annual renewal but got suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Today, it will stand as the second jewel of the Triple Crown Series, succeeding after the Belmont Stakes held last June.

The Kentucky Derby is scheduled to saddle up on September 5, 2020, at Churchill Downs, Kentucky. It will feature the twenty mightiest three-year-old racehorses around the world. Last June, ten horses had impressively shown great performance in the Belmont Stakes, and will automatically proceed to the Derby. The remaining ten horses are the ones who accomplished prep races.

Tagged as one of the most festive horse racing events in the United States, the Kentucky Derby will allow limited seating capacity to ensure health and safety. Unlike the Belmont Stakes, where audiences are not allowed, the Derby will feature half of the total population of the Churchill Downs seating capacity to grace the racing show.

This was confirmed by the Churchill Downs track, President Kevin Flanery. He said that amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, they still want to celebrate the Derby’s real essence, which is the festivity. As such, they will allow fifty percent seating capacity with strict social distancing and health protocols observed throughout the show to contain the spread of the virus.

Although fans are in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when seeing the live racing show, betting online is highly advised to wager for your favorite horses. It is to avoid lining up in the cashier, which might cause an influx of crowds. There are several betting apps you can download, which offers the best Kentucky Derby wagering games.

In line with Derby’s adjustments to still showcase an exciting horse racing event, the ticket sales had started a few weeks back. Since the Kentucky Derby will have limited seating access and is currently seeing a different season, the ticket prices are high. Here is the breakdown of prices and their respective access.

General/ Infield Admission Tickets

The General Admission tickets are the most purchased passes in the Derby. From a regular rate of $45, the price this month can reach up to $135 to $185, depending on the merchant. Apart from that, the seats are assigned so you can’t choose which side you’d like to take.

Grandstand Seating Tickets

The Grandstand ticket comes in three levels. The first floor has the least expensive passes, which starts at $125. If you want a better racing view, you could get the ticket for at least $222 to $228. However, if you want the best seating area in the Grandstand, you can have it around $322 to $325.

Clubhouse Seating Tickets

The Clubhouse reserve seating also comes at three tiers, and prices can vary. It is also one of the best places to view the racing games. Before the pandemic, the guests housed in this area are men wearing sports suits and women in big hats. It usually comprises six groups but will be reduced due to strict health protocols.

For the 1st Clubhouse seating tier, the ticket price starts at $114. In the second tier, the ticket is priced at around $212. However, for the third tier, the ticket amount is around $319.

VIP Lounge Seating Tickets

The VIP Lounge Seating is not available for the public. This is a special seating area inside the racetrack, which comes with a Balcony that features the millionaires’ row. It has two areas, which are the Turf Terrace Table and the Mansion. According to the Derby organization, the VIP Lounge Seating tickets may cost up to $21, 925.

While it’s true that premium seating and VIP Lounges are still on-sale, the Infield tickets are currently paused due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. Last July 31, 2020, Churchill Downs Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Bill Carstanjen, said that Infield tickets are currently on hold to control the number of audiences.

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States has a total of 4,601,526 COVID-19 cases as of August 2, 2020. In Kentucky, there are 31,612 confirmed COVID-19 cases. With these numbers, the Kentucky Derby is making sure to exercise total health measures for everyone’s safety.

While Carstanjen ensured that the site is still within the decided number of seating capacity this year, they stopped the Infield ticket selling for accurate tracking. Meanwhile, he did not mention how many tickets were sold and left. He also did not mention when the Infield passes selling will resume.

Lastly, for those spectators who got their tickets early and decided not to see the racing at the venue, you can request a refund. You can check the terms and conditions printed on your tickets or reach them at +1-888-384-7088.

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