The last time the city of Atlanta hosted a World Series game, Ian Anderson was 18 months old. Tonight, he will be their starting pitcher.

That long wait for Braves fans is showing up in a major way, and ticket prices are going for a ride on account of it. World Series fever seems to be in full effect as the series pulls in to Truist Park with the Houston Astros and the home team knotted at 1-1 after the first two games in Houston.

As of Friday morning, the least expensive ticket available for World Series Game 3 was $1,078 for members of – a resale marketplace where members don’t pay service fees. That price will nab a pair of seats in For 14 of Grandstand Reserve 414 overlooking right field. Median ticket prices are closer to $2,000 for Friday, with the ceiling reaching $6,675 for seats in the sixth row of Chairman Seats 24 behind home plate.

That trend is clear for all three home games in Atlanta, with “get-in” prices for Game 4 and 5 both at above $1,000 as of Friday morning.

“There’s a few factors at play here that are making tickets to World Series games in Atlanta red hot this year,” says Sean Burns, a spokesman for Ticket Club. “Obviously, it’s been a very long time coming for Braves fans. Plus, all three of their home games take place on the weekend, which generally means a stronger market. And teams are charging more for these tickets in the first place, which naturally shifts the lowest price available up for anything available for resale. Lastly, there’s just the general excitement for sports fans everywhere being able to get to these huge games in person after everything has been so restrictive for so much of the last two years.”

Compared to recent World Series ticket markets, only one was stronger according to Ticket Club data – the 2016 series between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs. Games 3, 4 and 5 at Wrigley Field saw average prices of $2,613, $3,098 and $2,292 that year, with all seven games seeing an average sold price of above $1,000. This year, Game 1 and 2 in Houston both saw slightly less of a premium, with average sold prices of $984 and $941. Tonight’s game has sold at an average ticket price of $1,436 on Ticket Club (which means on websites charging service fees, an average consumer price of about 20 percent more). Game four Saturday has the highest average sold price thus far, going for $1,697, trailed slightly by Sunday’s Game 5 average sold price of $1,525.

Where the market goes, particularly related to games six and seven if the series returns to Houston, will depend entirely on what happens these next three nights in Atlanta – but its clear that there’s a substantial enthusiasm gap evidenced in the relative prices.

“Some of the Astros folks I talked to, they’re not getting near the amount (for their tickets) they usually get,” John Loud told the Marietta Journal (GA). The Cobb Chamber of Commerce chairman attended Tuesday’s game in Houston and plans to be at Truist Park as well this weekend. “It’s because we haven’t been there. People are like, ‘Hey, I want to have this experience, because we haven’t been there in 22 years.'”

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Last Updated on October 29, 2021