The National Hockey League temporarily suspended play this week, amid a surge in COVID cases that was already impacting its schedule. The pause began Wednesday, with plans to resume play on December 27. All team facilities will be closed from Wednesday through Saturday as part of the pause, with hopes that it will allow for a complete resumption of play next week.

Prior to the shutdown, 11 teams had seen their activities paused due to COVID positive test results in just a week’s time. Columbus, Montreal, Edmonton, and Ottawa were the final four to be put on pause, joining Calgary, Detroit, Toronto, Colorado, Florida, Nashville, and Boston in the holding pattern before the league wiped the slate clean.

According to reports, only one player in the league is unvaccinated, but there is no mandate on players being required to receive a booster dose of the COVID vaccine, so those figures are unknown. Despite the high vaccination rate, more than 15 percent of the players in the league were in virus protocols as of Monday night.

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In total, 50 games have been impacted by COVID-related shutdowns thus far on the season, with the overwhelming majority of those games impacted in the past 10 days. Plans to reschedule the contests have not yet been arranged.

In addition to pausing its schedule for now, the NHL has reportedly decided that its players will not participate in the 2022 Olympics, scheduled to take place in China early next year. Plans had been that league personnel would be eligible to participate in the tournament, but those plans have changed, though no official announcement has yet been made.

NHL Postponed Games – Through December 22, 2021

NHL Game # Matchup Original Date New Date
234 Ottawa at New Jersey Nov. 16 Dec. 6
250 Nashville at Ottawa Nov. 18 TBA
263 NY Rangers at Ottawa Nov. 20 TBA
328 NY Islanders at NY Rangers Nov. 28 March 17
340 NY Islanders at Philadelphia Nov. 30 TBA
436 Calgary at Chicago Dec. 13 TBA
443 Calgary at Nashville Dec. 14 TBA
445 Carolina at Minnesota Dec. 14 TBA
462 Toronto at Calgary Dec. 16 TBA
471 Boston at Montreal Dec. 18 TBA
476 Florida at Minnesota Dec. 18 TBA
477 Tampa Bay at Colorado Dec. 18 TBA
478 Columbus at Calgary Dec. 18 TBA
479 Toronto at Vancouver Dec. 18 TBA
481 Boston at Ottawa Dec. 19 TBA
485 Nashville at Carolina Dec. 19 TBA
487 Arizona at Vancouver Dec. 19 TBA
488 Toronto at Seattle Dec. 19 TBA
489 Columbus at Buffalo Dec. 20 TBA
490 Colorado at Detroit Dec. 20 TBA
491 Montreal at NY Islanders Dec. 20 TBA
493 Anaheim at Edmonton Dec. 20 TBA
494 Carolina at Boston Dec. 21 TBA
495 St. Louis at Ottawa Dec. 21 TBA
496 Washington at Philadelphia Dec. 21 TBA
497 New Jersey at Pittsburgh Dec. 21 TBA
498 Florida at Chicago Dec. 21 TBA
499 Winnipeg at Nashville Dec. 21 TBA
500 Anaheim at Calgary Dec. 21 TBA
502 Vancouver at San Jose Dec. 21 TBA
503 Arizona at Seattle Dec. 21 TBA
504 Colorado at Buffalo Dec. 22 TBA
505 Montreal at NY Rangers Dec. 22 TBA
506 Winnipeg at Dallas Dec. 22 TBA
507 Edmonton at Los Angeles Dec. 22 TBA
508 Colorado at Boston Dec. 23 TBA
509 St. Louis at Toronto Dec. 23 TBA
510 Carolina at Ottawa Dec. 23 TBA
511 Nashville at Florida Dec. 23 TBA
512 Montreal at New Jersey Dec. 23 TBA
513 Washington at NY Islanders Dec. 23 TBA
514 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Dec. 23 TBA
515 Buffalo at Columbus Dec. 23 TBA
516 Dallas at Chicago Dec. 23 TBA
517 Detroit at Minnesota Dec. 23 TBA
518 Seattle at Calgary Dec. 23 TBA
519 Tampa Bay at Arizona Dec. 23 TBA
520 Anaheim at Vancouver Dec. 23 TBA
521 Los Angeles at Vegas Dec. 23 TBA
522 Edmonton at San Jose Dec. 23 TBA

Last Updated on December 22, 2021