The new National Football League begins later this summer. With pundits able to make a strong case for five or more teams winning the Superbowl, we have high hopes of watching another fascinating and entertaining campaign. The top names will be back in action as they aim to blaze a trail of glory through the regular season and playoffs, booking their place in the season-defining match played early next year.

With fond memories of this year’s Superbowl played in February in Inglewood, California, football fans hope the next instalment lives up to the hype. We want to see more big tackles, high-scoring matches, talking points, upset results and a fascinating final. There is much to look forward to as we prepare to board the emotional rollercoaster that is the life of a football fan. But which team will win, what’s the best way to watch your favourites in action and who have the experts selected as their team to follow?

We aim to answer those burning questions and more in this article. With every match shown on television and live streaming apps, the top football betting apps offering odds on the regular season, playoffs and Superbowl results, and players moving to rival teams during the trade, there’s much more to following football than simply cheering on your local team. We aim to help readers get the most out of this season by explaining how you can support your favourite football team this season.

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Choose a team

You may already have chosen your NFL team and will stick with them for your entire life. This choice may have been influenced by location, success or even on the advice of a family member or friend. But what if this is your maiden season as a football fan? How do you choose which team you want to support in the coming weeks and months? You have more than a few options, but take your time and choose wisely as a real football fan wouldn’t ever change their mind on the team they support.

The quickest way to pick your favoured side is to choose the NFL team closest to your home town. This isn’t an option that is available to everyone as there is a growing number of overseas followers of the NFL. Another good way to pick your team to support this season is to concentrate on the stats. Which side has enjoyed more than their fair share of success in recent years and is good enough to bring you glory days as a fan?

Perhaps you like a certain player and will support their employers, or you may even opt for a side wearing a uniform that catches your attention. Your choice of the team shouldn’t be taken lightly, but following an NFL outfit is all about fun, so don’t get too carried away when selecting, and don’t get worked up or frustrated if you are struggling to find a team.

Make your predictions

When you have studied the form and chosen a team to cheer on this year, it’s time to make your predictions. You can attempt to predict how your selected club will fare this time, backing them to win their division, make it to the playoffs or even win the Superbowl.

There are also player stats and markets, such as Most Valuable Player and the top points scorer of the term. There are loads of exciting markets and options available, especially in the pre-season before the opening game when every team and player starts off scratch. The earlier you make predictions, the better.

Download a live stream app

When it comes to watching matches live and cheering on your team, purchasing a ticket and visiting the stadium is the best way to do this. If that isn’t an option, you can always watch on TV, but you will run the risk of missing games due to other commitments. That’s where the latest technology comes in handy. When watching the NFL on your smartphone, you are always one click away from a big game. View an HD quality live stream on your device, and you’ll never miss your team play.



Last Updated on July 21, 2022