Pittsburgh Penguins CEO Announces Furloughs, Pay Cuts
The Pittsburgh Penguins are off the ice due to the coronavirus and now a number of team employees face furloughs amid the pandemic. Penguins CEO David Morehouse revealed that an undisclosed number of employees will be furloughed for four months beginning June 1. Morehouse and other executives will also... Read more
Study: Sports Fans Favor Prompt Return Without Crowds Over Waiting
With most sports on hold for the last two months, fans are eager to end their days of deprivation. According to a survey conducted by ESPN, a majority of sports fans would welcome the return of games and televised competition even if they are played without crowds in attendance.... Read more
New Jersey Devils Reveal Ticket Refund Options For Fans
While the New Jersey Devils remain in limbo over the future of the suspended NHL season, their fans are no longer in the dark regarding ticket refunds. The team revealed in an email this week options for those with tickets for games impacted by the season’s abrupt halt, offering... Read more
Arena Construction Continues For NY Islanders, NHL Seattle
Despite the coronavirus leaving a severe impact on New York and Seattle, each market is still on track to open up new hockey arenas for the 2021-22 season. According to ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski, the new home venues of NHL Seattle and the New York Islanders are expected to have... Read more
NHL Reportedly Considering December Start For 2020-21 Season
In an effort to complete the remainder of the 2019-20 season, the NHL is exploring all options for getting teams back on the ice and awarding the Stanley Cup. Depending on the timeline for a possible return, one of those options involves delaying the start of the 2020-21 season,... Read more
NHL Executive Shares Criteria For Locations To Complete Season
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman recently shut down rumors that the league might resume in a neutral location and is indeed moving towards selecting as many as four established NHL arenas to hold potential operations. But which ones? NHL Senior Executive VP and Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell revealed... Read more
Penguins Season Ticket Owners Treated To Calls From The Team
While the Pittsburgh Penguins remain off the ice due to the ongoing NHL season hiatus, the team is giving their most loyal fans an unexpected treat. Penguins players and coaches are reaching out to season ticket owners in the coming days as a way to stay connected with fans... Read more
NHL Commissioner Reveals Potential Four-Arena Plan For Season
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is not ruling anything out when it comes to resuming and completing the 2020 season. He has confirmed the exploration of playing into August and insiders have reported a myriad of other possibilities on the table to bring hockey back. Now, Bettman is offering insight... Read more
NHL’s Neutral Site Locations Not Discussed Yet, Says Union Director
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has maintained that the league is not ruling anything out in order to complete the now-suspended season. Among their options is continuing league-wide operations at a neutral location, though specifics have not been disclosed. Reports have surfaced that Grand Forks, North Dakota and Manchester, New... Read more
NHL Executives Reveal Hope For Season’s Completion
As the world aims to get a hold on the coronavirus pandemic, NHL teams remain off the ice at a time when the race for the Stanley Cup is just heating up. However, various officials and team executives throughout the league are keeping their hopes up for completing the... Read more