A concert promoter, who failed to feature David Allen Coe at the Daviess County Fairgrounds in Kentucky, has now been told to repay ticket costs.

Jason Giardina, who had been held at the Daviess County Detention Center, was released by District Court Judge Lisa Jones on a $50,000 unsecured bond with conditions that he plans to pay back ticketholders who were swindled during the concert, the Messenger-Inquirer reports. The news was announced on Monday in front of District Judge David Payne, where it was announced that Giardina would appear in front of District Judge Nick Burlew on November 8.

Maj. Bill Thompson, head of investigations for the Daviess County Sheriff’s Department, told the Inquirer that Giardina had to “make arrangements to begin reimbursing those that didn’t get what they paid for.”

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“From my understanding, he will be setting up a link on his company website (Mr. Bad Guy Presents) as well as the site that sold the tickets (www.eventbrite.com),” Thompson said.

Additionally, Giardina reportedly owes the sheriff’s department $1,600 for security services at the event, which has not been paid.

Earlier this month, Giardina had planned a show at the Daviess County Fairgrounds, but the headliner, Coe, and support act, Confederate Railroad, did not play as planned. Details showed that Coe and his band were ready to play, but were turned away by the promoter. Thousands of fans were upset after the gig, acts and vendors went unpaid, and the local Lions Club felt cheated.

Giardina ended up in police custody for driving without break lights, no registration plates, no insurance, and operating on a suspended license. Then, his charges included theft by deception, since he knew Coe was not going to perform, but still continued to sell tickets.

Last Updated on September 24, 2019