Rapper Travis Scott announced plans for a high-profile concert to promote his newly released album, Utopia, planned for next week in Rome, Italy. The concert comes fresh on the heels of the cancellation of another concert to promote the new album, which would have taken place on July 28 at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, only to see the plug pulled after protests.


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Billed as Circus Maximus – the same title as a film released to promote the new album – Scott’s show is scheduled to take place on August 7. Tickets will be sold through promoter Live Nation, with a presale open already and general access set to begin on Thursday, August 3.

The show in Italy is likely one of the four “experiences” that Scott had teased in the wake of the Egypt concert being called off. It seems reasonable to expect that the other three will also be planned for cities with significant cultural/historical significance, judging by the choices to stage events at Giza and Rome. Though initial plans were dashed for Egypt, the rapper did say he plans to get a show done there eventually.

Plans for Egypt were scuttled just days before the concert was scheduled to take place, with Live Nation Middle East citing “complex production issues” for the cancellation. The event had drawn considerable protest from some within the country, with some going so far as to accuse the rapper of being a “masonic, satanic, and devil worshipper who has a dark history.”

Scott, was recently cleared of the possibility of criminal charges stemming from the death of 10 concertgoers at the Astroworld Festival two years ago by a Texas Grand Jury.

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Last Updated on August 2, 2023