In the United States, the sport of football has grown into the most popular sport overtaking, in most people’s eyes, baseball as ‘America’s Favorite Pastime’. On game day, millions of fans head to stadiums across the country and create an event unlike any other sport.

The college football regular season and postseason has become a huge money maker for the NCAA, the schools and also the ticketing industry. Division I schools from the major conferences typically sell-out stadiums for all their home games, with attendance figures typically over 100,000. When these schools qualify for the postseason, including a possible national championship game, demand for tickets skyrockets and prices on the secondary market often follow suit.

The NFL is similar as fans come out in huge numbers to follow their hometown teams. While the regular season is huge, the NFL Playoffs bring everything to a new level. As each round passes, demand and ticket prices increase until it culminates at the championship game, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the biggest event in sports with billions of fans watching the game on television. Ticket prices for the Super Bowl will often rival the most expensive tickets for any event during that calendar year.

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