Wicked is back on top of TicketNews’s Top Events rankings for the week ending May 2. With a 5.25 power score, the musical knocks Lady Gaga from the top spot. Gaga’s 2.69 power score beats out Justin Bieber’s 2.57 power score. Two of baseball’s elite make the overall top... Read more
Lady Gaga is still outselling her competition, at least according to TicketNews’s weekly top events for the week ending April 18. The singer is the top selling artist overall with a 6.25 power score. Wicked trails behind her with a 3.95 power score. Roger Waters announced recently that he’ll... Read more
Teen superstar Justin Bieber is number one in TicketNews’ exclusive Top Events rankings for the week ending April 4. With a 5.84 power score, he beat Lady Gaga (5.27) and “Wicked” (5.04) for the number one spot. The Eagles invited Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks to join them... Read more
Lady Gaga is the hottest musical act around and now she’s ranked number one overall in TicketNews’s Weekly Top Event Rankings for the week ending March 21. Her 8.54 power score beats Wicked’s 4.71 power score. Another top musical act, Taylor Swift, is number three overall with a 1.77... Read more
After announcing their breakup last summer, Brooks & Dunn will embark on their “Last Rodeo” North American tour in April. Tickets for that tour went on sale last Friday and now the duo are number three (power score 3.49) in TicketNews’s exclusive top events rankings for the week ending... Read more
Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival enters TicketNews’s Weekly Top Events rankings for the first time this week, coming in at number three (2.81). The festival hosted by the guitar legend trails only behind Wicked (4.52) and Jimmy Buffett (4.34). Jay-Z gained big ground this time around, moving from his... Read more
It’s probably no surprise that Super Bowl XLIV is the number one event in TicketNews’ Top Events rankings for the week ending February 7. With an 8.64 power score, that event beat out top selling Broadway show Wicked (4.19), which often dominates the overall Top Events. Tickets for several... Read more
Wicked (three, 4.49) gets knocked out of the number one spot in TicketNews’s Top Events rankings, and not by Super Bowl XLIV (two, 4.77). Number one belongs to James Taylor & Carole King, who dominated the overall rankings for the week ending January 24 with an 11.52 power score.... Read more
With the NFL playoff season in full swing, NFL teams made an impressive showing in TicketNews’s Top Events rankings, most notably the Dallas Cowboys, who rise to number three (3.19) from their number eighteen position in the previous rankings. The Cowboys rank behind Wicked (5.66) and Lady Gaga (4.81),... Read more
Although Wicked (7.22 power score) and Jersey Boys (3.80) hold on to their number one and two spots in TicketNews’s Top Events rankings for the week ending December 27, Lady Gaga moves from number six to number three with a 3.05 power score. Michael Bublé also makes an impressive... Read more