TicketNews has released its exclusive events rankings for the week ending Sunday, May 1, and after one week out, Taylor Swift made it back...

TicketNews has released its exclusive events rankings for the week ending Sunday, May 1, and after one week out, Taylor Swift made it back to the number one spot, power scoring a 4.25.

Coming in at number two this week was long time Latin pop group Maná (2.94), followed by Wicked (three, 2.68) and Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj (four, 2.51). The first sports entry of the week were Miami Heat tickets to the home games of their NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Boston Celtics in at number five (2.05). Miami defeated Boston in Game 1 of the series on Sunday, with Game 2 scheduled for tonight.

The new Broadway hit The Book of Mormon finished the week at number six (1.81), with the New York Yankees, the only other sports entry this week, taking number seven (1.69). Musical artists finished off the list, with Katy Perry in at eight (1.61), Kenny Chesney at nine (1.36) and Glee Live at ten (1.32).

In sports, Heat Eastern Conference Semifinals tickets finished at number one (6.74) in the rankings, with Celtics tickets for the series coming in at number five (2.78). The Yanks came in at two (5.54) in this week’s Top Sports, followed by Manchester United (three, 3.80) on their summer U.S. tour, and the Boston Red Sox (four, 3.64). Sales for Dallas Mavericks tickets to their NBA Western Conference Semifinals series home games finished at number six (2.46) in this week’s rankings. The Mavericks won the first game of their series against the Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles, with Game 2 to be played on May 4, again in LA. Tickets for this weekend’s boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas continue to sell strong, this week taking the event to number seven (2.27). Mixed martial arts made it to the list this week, with this weekend’s UFC 129 in at number nine (2.05).

NHL playoff series also made it into this week’s top ten sports, with Boston Bruins Eastern Conference Semifinals ticket finishing at number eight (2.10). Boston has taken the first two games of the series in Philadelphia, with Game 3 scheduled for May 4 in Boston. Also in NHL play, Washington Capitals’ Eastern Conference Semifinals sales took home games to their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning to number ten (2.05) in the rankings. Tampa Bay leads the series 2-0, with Game 3 set for tonight in Tampa Bay.

In this week’s Top Concert rankings, Taylor Swift easily dominated the list with a power score of 7.90, followed by Maná (two, 5.46), Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj (three, 4.65), and Katy Perry (four, 3.02). Kenny Chesney took number five (2.54) this week, with “Glee Live” at six (2.48), Prince at seven (2.29) and Bob Seger at eight (2.19). Tim McGraw made it to the list this week at number nine (2.04), followed by the joint tour from Maroon 5 and Train (ten, 1.81)

“The Book of Mormon” took top honors in this week’s Broadway rankings, power scoring an impressive 25.73. “Wicked” and War Horse both made respectable showings as well, coming in at numbers two (17.64) and three (11.92), respectively. Jersey Boys came in at number four (6.25), followed by Lion King (five, 3.91) and the long running hit Phantom of the Opera (six, 2.88). Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying hit at seven (2.83), with Cole Porter’s Anything Goes at eight (2.46). Chris Rock’s star turn in The Mother****** with the Hat made it to number nine (2.22) this week, and the on-hiatus Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, scheduled to re-open for previews in mid-May, finished the week at ten (1.86).

“Wicked” and “The Book of Mormon” switched places once again this week in the Top Theater rankings, coming in at numbers one (17.63) and two (12.15), respectively. “Jersey Boys” hit at three (6.99), “War Horse” at four (5.63), and Elton John’s Broadway version of the film Billy Elliot performed well this week at five (3.71). Les Miserables made it to number six (3.15) this week, followed by “Lion King” at seven (3.14), Mamma Mia at eight (2.82), Mary Poppins at nine (2.67) and “West Side Story” at ten (2.16).

Celine Dion is the one to beat in Vegas these days, though it seems unlikely, with a power score this week of 79.58. Cirque Du Soleil has a monster five productions in this week’s Vegas top ten, including a href=”http://www.ticketnetwork.com/tickets/cirque-du-soleil-the-beatles-love-tickets.aspx” target=”_blank”>The Beatles: Love at two (5.72), O at four (2.78), Ka at eight (1.13), Zumanity at nine (0.71), and Mystere at ten (0.56).

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Top Combined Events

Week Ending 5/1/2011

1 Taylor Swift Tickets

2 Mana Tickets2.94
3 Wicked Tickets2.68
4 Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj Tickets

5 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: Miami Heat Tickets2.05
6 The Book Of Mormon Tickets1.81
7 New York Yankees Tickets

8 Katy Perry Tickets1.61
9 Kenny Chesney Tickets1.36
10 Glee Live Tickets


Top Concert Events

Week Ending 5/1/2011

1 Taylor Swift Tickets7.90
2 Mana Tickets5.46
3 Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj Tickets4.65
4 Katy Perry Tickets

5 Kenny Chesney Tickets2.54
6 Glee Live Tickets2.48
7 Prince Tickets

8 Bob Seger Tickets2.19
9 Tim McGraw Tickets2.04
10 Maroon 5 & Train Tickets


Top Sports Events

Week Ending 5/1/2011

1 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: Miami Heat Tickets6.74
2 New York Yankees Tickets5.54
3 Manchester United Tickets3.80
4 Boston Red Sox Tickets3.64
5 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals: Boston Celtics Tickets2.78
6 NBA Western Conference Semifinals: Dallas Mavericks Tickets2.46
7 Manny Pacquiao Tickets2.27
8 NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Boston Bruins Tickets2.10
9 UFC 129: St. Pierre Tickets2.05
10 NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals: Washington Capitals Tickets2.05

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 5/1/2011

1 Wicked Tickets17.63
2 The Book Of Mormon Tickets

3 Jersey Boys Tickets6.99
4 War Horse Tickets5.63
5 Billy Elliot Tickets

6 Les Miserables Tickets3.15
7 Lion King Tickets3.14
8 Mamma Mia! Tickets

9 Mary Poppins Tickets2.67
10 West Side Story Tickets2.16

Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 5/1/2011

1 The Book Of Mormon Tickets25.73
2 Wicked Tickets

3 War Horse Tickets11.92
4 Jersey Boys Tickets6.25
5 Lion King Tickets

6 Phantom of the Opera Tickets2.88
7 How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Tickets2.83
8 Anything Goes Tickets

9 The Mother****** with the Hat Tickets2.22
10 Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets1.86

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 5/1/2011

1 Celine Dion Tickets79.58
2 Cirque Du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets

3 Santana Tickets3.51
4 Cirque Du Soleil – O Tickets2.78
5 David Copperfield Tickets

6 Jersey Boys Tickets1.19
7 Criss Angel: Believe Tickets1.19
8 Cirque Du Soleil – Ka Tickets

9 Cirque Du Soleil – Zumanity Tickets0.71
10 Cirque Du Soleil – Mystere Tickets0.56