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Wakeman: Is The Business of Sports, Entertainment and Tickets Asking The Right Questions?
By: Dave Wakeman The Bundesliga looks like they will be the first professional football league in Europe to return in the next few days. In Australia, the NRL and AFL are all moving towards resuming their schedules without fans. And, in the States, a tweet lit up Twitter with... Read more
Fuller: Digging Out – The Plan To Save Live Entertainment
There are times in life where you have to make a hard choice. There are times in life when the hard choice is forced upon you. There are times in life where everything which defined your life evaporates in an instant. There are times when you hold the power... Read more
DeMott: The Great Unwind: How To Restore Liquidity To the Ticketing Market
By: Harry DeMott We have heard the drumbeats for the past few days now: Sporting events being played in front of empty stadiums and arenas No concerts until 2021 No cash refunds as StubHub and other leading players all change policies If you are a participant in the ticketing... Read more
Don Vaccaro: Working Together to Weather the Covid Crisis
When things go bad, people like to look for a villain. Ticketing professionals are competitors in a very competitive marketplace. Most people know of my opposition to a lot of Live Nation policies, because I am very vocal about it. However, we should give them credit for their integrity... Read more
Fuller: Pandemic and Panacea: 19 Lessons To Learn From Covid
By: Eric Fuller Let’s dive in: Life is not a Disney movie. When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you When You Wish Upon A Star — Leigh Harline & Ned Washington Disney movie lyrics are purpose... Read more
Wakeman: 3 Ideas About the Future of the Business of Tickets, Sports, and Entertainment
By: Dave Wakeman Like all of you, I’ve been keeping an eye on the world while I’ve been physically distancing. 3 lessons from being social distanced with my family: I’m an incredibly below average 4th-grade teacher. Give those folks a raise. Having grown up in the very rural south,... Read more
Opinion: StubHub’s Urgent Peril and the Industry Response
By: Eric Fuller The world’s major event promoters and ticketing companies must work together now or the whole system will blow apart. What happens when a worldwide industry which promotes and tickets every live event freezes because everything is cancelled for an indefinite time, starting tomorrow? What is the plan... Read more
Fuller: Say What? Coronavirus Armageddon 2020
By: Eric Fuller Truth hurts. This is not going to be pretty. I know half the people involved in live events are praying for summer. “If only we could get to June and start the shows, then maybe we’ll survive.” “I’ll just buy tickets for the big fall shows.... Read more
Four Ways Ticketing Companies Can Maximize Customer Experience
By: Patrick Young | VP/Head of Travel Partnerships, The Americas, at Cover Genius  Much to Coachella fans’ dismay, their beloved, seven-stage music fest has been rescheduled amid growing threats spurned by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), along with big-ticket events like Stagecoach and SXSW. Some good news? We’re seeing a multitude... Read more
Fuller: Panic, Pandemic and The Business of Fun
By: Eric Fuller I’m watching the dawning realization across the world about the breadth of this Coronavirus pandemic. And, at the same time I’m seeing the hard turn away from politics of division and class war as people of every race, creed and political alliance realize this virus does... Read more