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Opinion: Legislation Against Resale Causes More Problems Than It Solves
by Marni Soupcoff This post originally appeared on CBC.ca’s opinion section. In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Ontario New Democrat MPP Jennifer French articulated the attitude that spawned new Ontario anti-resale legislation banning ticket bots: “Ontarians want fair and affordable access to entertainment,” she said, “so the... Read more
There are Millions of Seats to Fill. Ticket Brokers Help Fill Them
by Gary Adler, Special to TicketNews In the multi-billion dollar ticket market the competition is fierce. Live events engender consumer passion that is rarely matched in other industries, especially for hot events. However, the reality is not every game or concert tour is a blockbuster where demand outweighs supply... Read more
Reducing Customer Friction is a Must
by Mike Guiffre, Special to Ticket News How difficult do you think it is in 2017 to keep customers? Better yet how difficult is it to increase revenue and renewals from your current customer base? As it turns out it’s not that difficult at all. If you are paying attention. Per Groove... Read more
Putting Fans First in the “Verified Fan” Data Mine
by Charles Kaufman, Special to Ticket News Not to let the genie out of the bottle, but the recent move towards verified ticketing has as much to do with collecting data- which will obviously be purposed for the ticket source’s marketing efforts -as it does with protecting the interests... Read more
Opinion: The Pitfalls of “Our” Preferred Secondary Partner
by Joe Rixon, Special to TicketNews Lots of teams out there have developed relationships with a “preferred secondary partner,” that they either cajole or force fans into using. The key word in the push is that it’s “Our” partner. I continually ask the question – “OK, what is in... Read more
Opinion: Ontario’s Attempted Price Control for Tickets Will Fail
by John Krisko, Special to TicketNews Last year, fans of the Tragically Hip found to their dismay that tickets for the band’s blockbuster 2016 “Man Machine Poem” tour were quickly sold out or available only at high prices in the secondary markets. The Twitterverse went into its usual mob... Read more
Opinion: Carton’s Scheme a Symptom of Ticketing’s Transparency Problem
by Dave Wakeman, Special to Ticket News Last week news broke that morning radio host Craig Carton was arrested for a Ponzi Scheme involving tickets and resale of tickets on the secondary market. While surprising coming on the heels of so many other negative ticket related stories of late like: Bruce... Read more
Data, Distribution, and “Disruption” Won’t Save Sports Business
by Dave Wakeman, Special to Ticket News I’ve been on a year long pursuit of an idea which I think could have a positive impact on the way that our fans buy, engage, and feel about sports. For the last few years, everywhere we turn we hear an on-going... Read more
Profiteering on Broadway: How Springsteen Alienated “Verified” Fans
by Steve Milton Today, the final slew of tickets for Bruce Springsteen on Broadway went on sale. Ticketmaster will once again be the butt of fans anger, and maybe with just cause. I will write about the Verified Fan process when it’s all done and dusted, however, today the... Read more
Three Reasons Why Business Gravitate Towards Secondary Markets
by Mike Guiffre, Special to Ticket News While a lot of people out there recoil when you bring up the “secondary market” – in reality, it’s a more and more attractive proposition for many business. There are three key reasons for this. Flexibility and Budget-Maximizing Local and National Markets... Read more