How has the Finance Industry Boosted with the Emergence of Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Satoshi Nakamoto invented it in 2009. Interestingly, it’s not controlled by any central bank or government authority. This means that anyone can buy and sell bitcoins on exchanges without banks acting as middlemen. The growing fascination with this instrument has made the financial industry... Read more
Hedging the Inflation- Can Crypto/Bitcoin be an Answer?
On Tuesday, the SNB’s decision to unpeg its currency from the euro sent shockwaves through the financial markets. As a result, the franc appreciated by over 40% against the single currency, making Swiss exports significantly more expensive and thus less attractive. Consequently, investors moved their money into the ‘safety... Read more
Is Bitcoin Accepted as Travel Payments?
Travel is expensive no matter where you go, and it’s even more costly if you face international travel. Nowadays, people use their credit cards to make payments for flights and hotels. Breaking down the numbers will show that most credit card companies charge around 2-5% of additional fees on... Read more
Impact of Bitcoin on the Japanese Industry
Over 50% of the world’s bitcoin trading volume is in Japan. This is because the Japanese are crazy about bitcoins! So why did it happen? It all started when Saito, a 28-year-old programmer working at Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), was laid off due to reorganization (he worked at... Read more
Are the Prices of Bitcoin being Stabilized? If Yes, How?
In general, the price of bitcoin is not stabilized yet. In particular, it is still very volatile, as seen during June-July 2016. As usual with currencies, price stabilization happens only on a specific scale and over time scales. For Bitcoin, it is essential to wait for a new scaling... Read more
Why Did Bitcoin Reach its Peak and then Start to Fall?
Regarding the increasing number of hackers on the internet, increasing vulnerability of passwords and personal information, bitcoin is a currency that runs through cryptographic techniques. Bitcoin is not being circulated in reality but being traded online makes it vulnerable to hacking. Hackers are always seeking out vulnerabilities they can... Read more
How has Bitcoin Benefitted the Technology Industry all Over the World?
Bitcoin has given the world a new payment option and several innovative technologies. The article will discuss two of them, Lightning Network and Atomic Swaps. Both are based on blockchain systems and benefit the broader technology industry. These new technologies make financial exchange faster and cheaper than ever before... Read more
Understanding Blockchain and Some of Its Key Features
Blockchain is the technology in which bitcoin runs. Blockchain technology is just in its early stages. Blockchain was created as a ledger that stores information about transactions. This transaction occurs within the Blockchain network. This ledger is generally a device that can store data. The Blockchain contains transactions in... Read more
Super Bowl 2022 – A Fan Guide
Super Bowl LVI is just a few days away, and if you’re a football fan, you already know the matchup is between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Rams will be looking to improve on their 2018 Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, while the Bengals... Read more
Winnipeg Jets Tickets: Catch A Game VS Top Teams
Having established themselves in 1997 as the Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets have crossed hurdles and boundaries to stand where they are today! Thanks to a massive fan following, this team has been able to get on with their games with hope, strength, and vigour. And now that the 2021... Read more