Three Types of Events You Can Still Attend in 2020
COVID-19 has had a massive impact on all our lives. It has been a matter of life and death, which has forced the world into a kind of hibernation for the past seven months. It almost feels callous complaining about the many events that have been cancelled and opportunities... Read more
Stage Front Named “Preferred Resale Strategy Partner” of ECHL
The ECHL announced on Monday that Stage Front has been named the “Preferred Resale Strategy Partner of the ECHL” for the 2020-21 Season. As part of the agreement, Stage Front will consult with ECHL teams on using data and specific pricing strategies to optimally utilize the secondary ticket market.... Read more
The state of festivals and concerts: preparing for live events to commence
By Jason Thomas, CEO of Tappit With COVID-19 continuing to have an impact on events for the foreseeable future, it’s safe to say that concerts and festivals, as we have known them, will not be happening anytime soon. However, promoters and organizers around the world are finding new ways... Read more
The 5 Best Free And User-Friendly Antivirus Software In 2020
This year, everything seems to have fallen apart. With COVID-19 shutting down countries for months and causing millions of people to fall sick, the entire world is reeling. Fortunately, everyone has pulled together to relieve the burden. Well, not quite. In an ideal world, adversity would make us all... Read more
Oklahoma Announces COVID Safety Policies for Football
The University of Oklahoma announces new policies for Football season 2020 The Department of Athletics at the University of Oklahoma (OU) has developed the new rules and procedures for the 2020 Football season. Fans are expecting some amazing experiences at the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. The department came up with... Read more
Examining Impact of Smart Tickets on the UK’s Rail Industry
The Rail Delivery Group in Great Britain has now implemented Smart tickets. These smart tickets promote an online and paperless system where passengers can buy tickets online without the hassle of standing in a line to buy tickets. This comes at the back of intensive technology adoption by the... Read more
2020 Kentucky Derby: Ticket Info, Infield Selling Suspension, and Refund Process
As August finally kicks in, there is one more month to go before the Kentucky Derby starts. This event was supposed to take place last May through its annual renewal but got suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Today, it will stand as the second jewel of the Triple... Read more
2020 NBA Power Rakings: 5 Basketball Teams to Watch Out For
The NBA isn’t going anywhere as it returns on July 30, 2020. With 9 Eastern Conference teams and 13 Western Conference groups joining, all of them will play in eight regular seasons before reaching the play-ins. The opening day will be a game between the Utah Jazz versus the... Read more
Fuller: And the Band Plays On…
By Eric Fuller In difficult times it’s easy to let optimism cloud your ability to perceive reality. There is a saying that nothing focuses a man’s attention like his imminent execution. But, in reality, you feel no pain even while your neck rests on the wooden base of the... Read more
Las Vegas Residencies: 2020 Rankings
Anyone heading to Vegas likely has a full itinerary. The city welcomes millions of visitors annually, from uniformed bachelorette parties who are headed to see a residency show to friends who have made an annual trip to Vegas for the last forty years. Some head straight to the casino... Read more