With the relocation of the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes to Salt Lake City, hockey fans wasted no time in showing support for the sport – with more than 20,000 season-ticket deposits flooding in within just 24 hours of the formal announcement.

The Delta Center, originally designed for basketball, is undergoing renovations to accommodate the influx of hockey enthusiasts. Plans are underway to increase seating capacity from 12,000 to 17,000.

Beyond the immediate excitement of the team’s relocation, the arrival of the NHL franchise serves as a catalyst for broader facility visions in Salt Lake City. Discussions are underway for redevelopment around the Delta Center, with long-term plans including the potential construction of a second arena, strengthening the city’s bid for the 2034 Olympics.

However, amidst the excitement looms, the question of the team’s name remains. The franchise’s name is a mystery, though there are various trademark applications hinting at potential titles such as the Utah Blizzard, Utah Venom, and Utah Yetis. 

Ryan Smith, the new team owner, has enlisted the ad agency Doubleday & Cartwright to navigate the rebranding process to ensure that the team’s name and logo capture the spirit of Utah’s sports culture. In the meantime, the team may initially adopt a generic placeholder name like Utah HC.