Travel is expensive no matter where you go, and it’s even more costly if you face international travel. Nowadays, people use their credit cards to make payments for flights and hotels. Breaking down the numbers will show that most credit card companies charge around 2-5% of additional fees on all transactions made by travelers.

However, the trades are decentralized and driven directly to the merchant with bitcoin without additional fees. This means that travelers do not have to worry about international transaction charges from financial institutions when they make their payment in bitcoin.

Many major airlines such as AirBaltic and Surf Air accept bitcoins for travel payments. In addition to this, Expedia recently announced that they would be taking bitcoin transactions.

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But, if you are still skeptical about using bitcoins to make payment for your travel bookings, there is no need to worry because you can always convert the purchased bitcoins into cash to use during the trip. This works similar to foreign exchange systems but with reduced transaction fees and shorter processing times. However, this will work only if you know a bitcoin or two.

There are several websites and discussion boards where one can find merchants who accept bitcoins, and you can make your travel bookings with them. You can buy Bitcoin from any safe and secure exchange like The current price of 1 BTC is hovering over $300, which means that the seller would get around 300 BTCs in return for your payment.

Is CheapAir still accepting Bitcoin?

CheapAir – a travel agency – was one of the first companies to accept Bitcoin for flight bookings. But, recently, they have stopped accepting Bitcoin as a payment option since most people prefer credit cards instead of bitcoins. However, some airlines and hotels still buy Bitcoin as payment options for your travel bookings.

Currently, the price of 1 BTC is hovering around $300. This means that if you make a travel booking for 300 BTCs, then your saving options will be extremely high. Furthermore, there are no additional transaction fees involved with bitcoins because all transactions on the network are made directly without any additional fees.

Are there any disadvantages of using bitcoin for making travel bookings?

Only a few merchants accept this as a payment option because most people still prefer credit cards and similar payment options. Also, one needs to ensure that they have enough bitcoins to purchase. Converting it into cash is not an easy task.

Do flight and hotel companies accept bitcoins?

The travel industry cut costs by accepting bitcoins. A few companies now allow customers who want their flights or hotels paid in cryptocurrency. For example, you can check out Icelandair. They have started taking Bitcoins in their flight bookings since the end of 2013. Surf Air is another company that accepts Bitcoin payments for flights.

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Bitcoin is an innovative payment network that allows sending and receiving payments without any third parties or intermediaries involved in the transaction. With Bitcoin, you can make travel bookings without worrying about the high international transaction fees of companies like MasterCard and Visa. Thus, Bitcoin has both advantages and disadvantages for travel bookings.

Does Travala accept bitcoin?

Yes, Travala accepts cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin. However, please note that the price displayed on our site for each flight is a rough estimate and does not include additional fees.

Do you have to pay additional charges while paying in bitcoins?

There are no additional charges while you make a payment through bitcoin. However, keep in mind that bitcoin has a limited supply which means the price of 1 BTC might increase.

How can you pay using Bitcoin?

You will be prompted to fill in your email address, name, phone number, and travel dates during checkout. You can proceed with booking by clicking on Book now! after entering the above details. You will see a Bitcoin logo on the payment page instead of a credit card logo.


The low transaction fees of Bitcoin make it an attractive cryptocurrency for making travel bookings. However, merchants need to include bitcoin as a payment option in their website to allow online customers to make payments using bitcoin.

Thus, people need to learn about bitcoin before using it in day-to-day life. advertisement