According to TicketNews’ exclusive events rankings for the week ending Sunday, March 6, popular recording artist Josh Groban has taken over the top spot with the help on his upcoming Straight To You Tour.

Groban, set to begin the tour in New Orleans in May, dominated the list handily with a power score of 6.14. Following at a strong number two this week was the long-running musical Wicked (4.14), with rock legend Bob Seger in at three (3.33), Taylor Swift at four (3.15) and Lady Gaga at five (2.51).

The remainder of this week’s top ten was filled with more musical artists inluding Elton John at six (2.39), Glee Live at seven (2.06), Keith Urban at eight (1.89), Lil Wayne in at nine (1.53) and Bon Jovi rounding out the list at ten (1.52).

The New York Knicks topped TicketNews’ sports rankings this week, power scoring a 4.39. Other NBA teams to make the top ten included the Miami Heat (two, 3.53), the San Antonio Spurs (five, 2.21) and the Los Angeles Lakers (six, 2.15). The WWE tour ranked at number three (3.45), followed by the first MLB entry of the week, the Boston Red Sox (four, 2.25). The BoSox’s perennial rivals, the New York Yankees, were the only other baseball team to make the top ten this week, finishing at number seven (2.09).

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In Top Concerts, Josh Groban again took number one (11.32), followed by Bob Seger (two, 6.14), Taylor Swift (three, 5.80), and Lady Gaga (four, 4.64). Elton John, currently on his “Greatest Hits Live Tour”, took number five (4.41) on the list, with “Glee Live” in at six (3.80) and Keith Urban at seven (3.48). Other top artists to make the cut this week included Lil Wayne at eight (2.82), Bon Jovi at nine (2.81) and Kenny Chesney, about to launch his Goin’ Coastal Tour, in at ten (2.55).

In theater this week, “Wicked” once again took top honors in both the Top Broadway and Top Theater rankings, power scoring a 29.11 and 26.44, respectively. Other top-sellers on Broadway this week included Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (two, 9.67), Jersey Boys (three, 8.37), Lion King (four, 6.40) and the long-running Phantom of the Opera (five, 4.26). “War Horse” made it to number six (4.23), followed by the rankings debut of The Book of Mormon (seven, 3.40). In at number eight was the crowd-pleaser Mamma Mia (3.38), with Ghetto Klown staying strong at number nine (2.92), and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying making its first appearance at number ten (2.43).

Joining “Wicked” in Top Theater this week was Les Miserables (two, 5.64), “Jersey Boys” (three, 5.62), and Elton John’s stage version of the movie Billy Elliot (four, 4.43). Disney has two productions on the theater list this week, with Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate coming in at number five (3.59) and Disney’s Beauty And The Beast in at ten (2.27). Mary Poppins continues the resurgence it experienced at the Christmas holidays, in at number seven (3.43) this week, followed by “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” at eight (2.61) and “Lion King” at nine (2.41).

In Las Vegas, Celine Dion remains the undisputed queen of the strip, dominating the list with a monster power score of 82.02 as she gears up for her March 15 open. Cirque Du Soleil also hit it big in the rankings this week, with four productions making it into the top ten including The Beatles: Love at number two (3.43), O hit at number three (3.23), Ka at five (1.91) and Mystere at seven (1.29).

TicketNews Exclusive Rankings and Power Scores are based on ticket sales from the TicketNetwork ExchangeTM, the world’s largest secondary market exchange. Two factors are used to calculate a power score: total ticket sales from the given event and total ticket sales within the category. Since the sum of all events’ power scores equals 100 in any given category, an individual event’s Power Score represents its category-specific significance. Top Seller Power Scores should only be used to compare sellers within a particular category, and not across categories.

Top Combined Events

Week Ending 03/06/2011

      Event Score
1 Josh Groban Tickets 6.14
2 Wicked Tickets 4.14

Bob Seger Tickets

4 Taylor Swift Tickets 3.15
5 Lady Gaga Tickets 2.51
6 Elton John Tickets 2.39
7 Glee Live Tickets 2.06
8 Keith Urban Tickets 1.89
9 Lil Wayne Tickets 1.53
10 Bon Jovi Tickets 1.52

Top Concert Events

Week Ending 03/06/2011

      Event Score
1 Josh Groban Tickets

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2 Bob Seger Tickets 6.14
3 Taylor Swift Tickets 5.80
4 Lady Gaga Tickets

5 Elton John Tickets 4.41
6 Glee Live Tickets 3.80
7 Keith Urban Tickets

8 Lil Wayne Tickets 2.82
9 Bon Jovi Tickets 2.81
10 Kenny Chesney Tickets


Top Sports Events

Week Ending 03/06/2011

      Event Score
1 New York Knicks Tickets 4.39
2 Miami Heat Tickets

3 WWE Tickets 3.45
4 Boston Red Sox Tickets 2.25
5 San Antonio Spurs Tickets

6 Los Angeles Lakers Tickets 2.15
7 New York Yankees Tickets 2.09
8 Monster Energy Supercross Tickets

9 Mexico Tickets 1.76
10 Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets 1.70

Top Theater Events

Week Ending 03/06/2011

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets

2 Les Miserables Tickets 5.64
3 Jersey Boys Tickets 5.62
4 Billy Elliot Tickets

5 Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate! Tickets 3.59
6 Elton John Tickets 3.44
7 Mary Poppins Tickets

8 Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets 2.61
9 Lion King Tickets 2.41
10 Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Tickets


Top Broadway Events

Week Ending 03/06/2011

      Event Score
1 Wicked Tickets 29.11
2 Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets

3 Jersey Boys Tickets 8.37
4 Lion King Tickets 6.40
5 Phantom Of The Opera Tickets

6 War Horse Tickets 4.23
7 The Book Of Mormon Tickets 3.40
8 Mamma Mia! Tickets

9 Ghetto Klown Tickets 2.92
10 How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Tickets 2.43

Top Vegas Events

Week Ending 03/06/2011

      Event Score
1 Celine Dion Tickets 82.02

Cirque Du Soleil – The Beatles: Love Tickets

3 Cirque Du Soleil – O Tickets 3.23
4 David Copperfield Tickets 2.33
5 Cirque Du Soleil – Ka Tickets 1.91
6 Criss Angel: Believe Tickets 1.49
7 Cirque Du Soleil – Mystere Tickets 1.29
8 Jersey Boys Tickets 0.97
9 Lion King Tickets 0.74
10 Santana Tickets 0.70