Rockies Lose Series But Win Ticket Sales Battle By Stacey Willets Colorado spends a second and final week as king of the mountain. At...

Rockies Lose Series But Win Ticket Sales Battle

By Stacey Willets

Colorado spends a second and final week as king of the mountain. At the close of the World Series the Rockies stand atop the summit of the Top Events rankings, though after being swept in four games by Boston, the flag flies for Red Sox Nation. Third-ranked Hannah Montana, who has taken a backseat to baseball the last couple weeks, may find herself reinstated as number one once the MLB melee clears.

Bon Jovi advances three positions on the Top Events chart, putting them at number seven this week. Their ten-show stint at the Prudential Center proves indeed you can go home, though the amount of available tickets left for the run suggests you can also overstay your welcome. The difficulty in selling out the venue for the long engagement isn’t likely to be helped by lukewarm reviews in Newsday and the New York Post.


With the World Series over, sports fans are already focused on the next big game, Colts vs. Patriots. The third-ranked Pats gain four positions on the Sports chart this week, as well as their first victory over the Washington Redskins since 1972. New England crushed the Redskins 52 – 7 Sunday, extending their winning streak to a perfect 8-0 record. They will be hosted by last year’s Super Bowl champs the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. The much anticipated game between the undefeated teams puts the Colts in the rankings at number seven.

Although beach weather is far behind Northeasterners, Disney’s undersea adventure The Little Mermaid is beginning to heat up in anticipation of its Broadway opening. With previews beginning November 3, the musical moves from number ten on the Top Theatre chart to number six. Echoing Ariel’s own desires, producers hope they can one day say The Little Mermaid has legs.

Young Frankenstein holds its positions in both the Top Theatre and Top NYC Theatre rankings despite the absence of lead Roger Bart. The production is currently in previews, though Bart, who plays Frederick Frankenstein, stepped out of the spotlight October 13 with a back injury. The show is scheduled to open November 8, though with the demanding dances and movements required of Bart’s character, it is uncertain if he will be healed well enough to return to the stage for opening night. Ticket sales risk seeing a slump as theatre-goers may not be willing to part with the $450 premium price to see an understudy tackle the lead role. There are also worries concerning the effect Bart’s absence will have on reviews, although Grease has stubbornly stuck in the TicketNews Top Tens long after a barrage of unflattering assessments of the production.

If you plan to spend Halloween with The Police, it may have nothing to do with egging houses and smashing pumpkins. Ticket sales for the band pick up this week with the second leg of their North American tour beginning October 31 in New York. They’re welcomed back to the U.S. with a spot on the Top Concerts chart, where they rank at number six.

The concerts rankings get a dash of Spice with the return of the quintet at the number seven position. The spike in Spice Girls sales comes just as Mel C leaked to the media that the girls will perform part of their show completely naked (albeit strategically covered by stage props) while other reports reveal that the girls have been training in pole dancing for their upcoming tour. Coincidence that sales are up? Probably not.

Jay-Z: big name, small tour. A handful of dates in support of the rapper’s new album American Gangster launch the former street-hustler to the number ten spot in the Top Concerts rankings. His CD, inspired by the movie of the same name is scheduled for release on November 6.

The bottom half of this week’s Vegas chart goes all helter skelter, with four events replaced. Fab Four returns to help fill the void, rejoining the rankings after a ten-week hiatus. Though you may have heard that all you need is LOVE, which holds onto the number three spot, the Cirque Du Soleil production and Fab Four come together to pay tribute to the Beatles music of yesterday. David Copperfield reappears at number seven, Zumanity takes number nine, and V – The Ultimate Variety Show rounds out the group at ten.

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