Today’s ticketing industry is a high-speed internet juggernaut designed for maximum efficiency of transaction and problem resolution. Yet, the new informational revolution is in the global payment service industry, where exciting possibilities are being realized almost daily by pioneering e-commerce companies. Of these, the GlobalCollect online payment platform is the leading electronic processor for internet transactions whose applications are being tailored to meet the various needs of the ticket industry.

Shane Happach, GlobalCollect’s Vice President of Business Development will speak on the topic during a European Ticket Market Panel at Ticket Summit 2008, the leading trade show and conference serving the secondary ticket industry. The three-day event, scheduled for July 23-25 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, is organized by Ticket Network.

As the world shrinks and e-commerce grows in scope and power, the blurring of intercontinental distinctions are a source of much speculation. Ticket Summit’s European Ticket Market Panel will facilitate constructive informed discussion and information on how e-trade is developing, aided by industry experts like Hallach and the ticket professionals at Ticket Network. Ticket Summit is attended by hundreds of experts and leaders from the ticket world, and provides the single greatest opportunity to network with leading minds in the ticketing industry and to establish relationships valuable to integral or peripheral businesses.

GlobalCollect is a major player in this marriage of ticketing and customer not present (CNP) technology. With GlobalCollect’s help, modern ticketers are evolving to shed cultural and logistical encumberments typical of outdated forms of payment, enabling global transfer of funds (and reportage of said transfers) to occur instantly, in local currencies. GlobalCollect offers several payment services via a worldwide network of banking, investment, and technical contacts, dovetailing the direct payments aspect of ticketing to ticketing systems in stadiums, cinemas, and other venues with physical points of entry.

“GlobalCollect works with many ticketing providers including Euroteam, Accepte, Stage Entertainment,, and Getmein!” Happach told TicketNews. “GlobalCollect’s platform enables ticketing providers to accept multiple currencies and payment methods and is always customized to meet merchants’ needs.”

The European Ticket Market Panel upon which Happach will sit and speak at Ticket Summit will discuss important changes in the ticket market in Europe from the perspective of both business and technology. Happach has wide experience of cutting-edge e-commerce applications in the recreational, retail, and travel industries, and is focused on the construction of multi-currency payment systems operating via North America. The Dutch postal giant, TNT, created GlobalCollect in 1994 as an enhancement to its distribution network, catering to international publishers who printed and sent invoices around the globe.

International payment services are coming into their own right now, as technology embraces traditional methods of payment and applies them to its global communications template. Everything from credit card transactions, to direct debit, to real-time bank transfers, has been massively increased in value and efficiency. In countries where cash is the chief form of currency, GlobalCollect works with Western Union (or konbini in Japan) to effect swift and convenient transactions via computer and physical transfer locations. However, credit cards remain the most technically compatible form of payment.

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