Maybe it’s the 28-year championship drought for Philadelphia’s baseball team. Maybe it’s the fact that Tampa Bay is still getting used to having a winner. But the fans of the Philadelphia Phillies have been willing to dig deeper into their wallets and are shelling out more money on the secondary ticket market than Tampa Bay Rays fans are spending.

According to data from StubHub, the average selling price for tickets to the three potential games at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia through October 22 is $855. Compare that to the average ticket selling price of only $412 for the four possible games at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, which recently opened 5,762 additional seats for fans in the upper deck.

On the TicketNetwork Exchange, the average order size for games being played in Philadelphia is more than $1,800. In Tampa, the average order size is more than half the size at about only $900 per order.

Similarly, Phillies World Series tickets on RazorGator carry an average ticket price of more than $1,300 for each of the home games, the company said in a press release. The highest average ticket price for Rays fans is $1,180, and that’s for a potential do-or-die Game 7. Game 1 in Tampa only had an average ticket price of $854.

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This year’s World Series match-up is the second time in three seasons that two smaller market teams are playing in the fall classic, which often means less profit for baseball and advertisers. In 2006, the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals battled it out, producing the lowest television ratings ever with only 15.8 million viewers tuning in for each game, according to Bloomberg.

“Advertisers always hope for the Yankees and the Dodgers,” John Herman, associate media director at ad agency Crispin, Porter & Bogusky in Miami said to Bloomberg. “The Tampa Bay Rays wouldn’t be their first, second, third, fourth or even fifth choice to win the American League.”

The secondary ticket brokers would also claim that the Rays would not be their choice to win the AL pennant. As proved last year, if the Boston Red Sox were able to advance to the World Series it could have meant larger profits for ticket resellers. The average ticket selling price for the Red Sox two home games at Fenway Park in last year’s series were nearly $1,300 on StubHub.

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