North Carolina’s state Senate last week voted unanimously to permanently extend a state law that allows online ticket brokers to resell tickets for whatever the market will bear. The law had been in effect for year while state officials studied the impact.

The Senate approval followed overwhelming support from the state House of Representatives in the spring, and the measure has moved onto Gov. Bev Perdue’s desk for her signature, which is expected.

For years, the state prohibited ticket resale above $3 under all circumstances, and it still forbids street scalping. The year-long experiment to allow online resale expired June 30, which prompted the approval, and the law calls for online brokers to offer refunds under certain instances.

According to TicketNews’s exclusive Ticket Resale Laws compendium, refunds are required if an event is cancelled, if the ticket holder is not granted admission to the venue, or if the tickets are not delivered in advance of the event.

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In addition, online brokers must register with the state and provide monthly reports on ticket sale activity.