PRESSS RELEASE: “Kansas Speedway Partners with to Create a Marketplace for RV/Camping Renewal Rights!”

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS (Kansas Speedway, September 18, 2009 – Kansas Speedway has recently partnered with to develop a safe online marketplace where racing fans can purchase and sell the “renewal rights” to their RV/Camping Locations. The Kansas Speedway Transfer Marketplace makes the purchase and sale of RV/Camping Renewal Rights easy and safe with facilitating every transaction.

“Kansas Speedway RV and Camping spots have been a popular ticket at Kansas Speedway for the past nine years and fans are always asking about how they can get an RV or camping spot for our events,” said Kansas Speedway President Jeff Boerger. “The Kansas Speedway Transfer Marketplace is a great place for fans to buy and sell their RV/Camping locations with the peace of mind that it’s safe and secure process.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with Kansas Speedway to bring this new service to racing fans,” said’s President and Founder, Kyle Burks. “The Kansas Speedway Transfer Marketplace offers racing fans unprecedented flexibility and control of their RV/Camping Location with the opportunity to buy, sell, and transfer RV/Camping Locations year round.”

The Marketplace provides step-by-step instructions throughout the entire process. Website visitors can read about the benefits of buying and selling, read about the transfer process, and view and make offers on the renewal rights to available RV/Camping Locations posted for sale by owners. Every listing is guaranteed to be secure, making it safe and easy to use the Kansas Speedway Transfer Marketplace. has worked with a number of professional sports teams and venues to create online marketplaces for renewal rights. Some of their notable partners include the St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, and many others. operates the world’s largest set of online marketplaces for renewal rights, which includes Seat Licenses, Seat Renewal Rights, RV/Camping Renewal Rights, Wait List Positions, and more.

Visit the Kansas Speedway Transfer Marketplace at

Last Updated on September 18, 2009