The mother of a Justin Bieber is not happy with the Ticketmaster paperless ticketing system used by the Air Canada Centre for a recent performance by the teen superstar. According to the Toronto Sun, Suzanne Woodley had bought two paperless tickets to the August 21 show for her daughter and a friend, but when she couldn’t escort the two teenagers, Ticketmaster would not issue a paper ticket because Bieber’s promoters and management only wanted paperless tickets used to thwart scalpers. To enter the show, the purchaser was required to be present with the credit card and identification to swipe them in. New York recently began requiring paper tickets be an option for fans going to shows in that state. “For this age group, it’s a crazy system. I was told Justin Bieber’s camp wanted a ticketless event to cut down on scalpers and because he wants his true fans there. Well, they’re making it pretty difficult and stressful for the true fans,” Woodley told the Sun. She ended up giving her credit card to her daughter with a note authorizing its use.